Learning Management System Transition Resources

Migrating to Canvas

For the 2023-2024 academic year, instructors will be able to request courses in Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas, with course requests for Blackboard and Moodle ending after the Spring 2024 semester. A detailed timeline can be found in the resources below, as well as on the LMS transition homepage

Throughout this process, there will be many opportunities to request content migration of your course material, including concierge migration. With concierge migration, your content will be automatically transferred from either Blackboard or Moodle to Canvas. 

If you prefer to learn Canvas through manually building your course, you can request a blank course workspace in Canvas to start adding your content. This method requires spending more time, but will allow you to leverage the best features in Canvas and create a dynamic course. The third option for content migration is a manual migration, which is the quickest migration method, but can often lead to some discrepancies between your Blackboard or Moodle course and your new Canvas course.

For a full breakdown of the migration options, please refer to our page detailing the migration option comparisons. Additional migration resources are detailed below.

Please note: In addition to requesting course content migration, instructors who want to teach using Canvas for future semesters need to request a Canvas course in SPIRE.

Learning Canvas

Alongside internal resources, such as the Canvas training course, weekly workshops on Canvas, a course checklist, and more, Canvas offers a robust support section to aid instructors in learning a new learning management system. These links can be found in the “Learning Canvas” section below.

Along with Canvas’ support articles, 24/7 support for instructors and students is always available through Canvas (when logged in, available under “Help” in the left-hand navigation) via phone and support chat.

For more specific questions on Canvas at UMass, the IDEAS team offers drop-in support via Zoom and in Bartlett 319, alongside appointment scheduling, all detailed below!


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