Compare Migration Options

As part of the multi-year transition to Canvas, instructors will need to migrate their course content from Moodle or Blackboard to the new LMS, Canvas. Click on a tile below to learn more about the offered migration options.

Concierge Migration
Request a professional migration, which takes less time, and will require less manual content fixes.

Request a professional migration (select Concierge Migration at the end of the form) of your Moodle/Blackboard course into a Canvas workspace and save yourself the time of fixing potential variations or discrepancies caused by moving from one system to another.


Our concierge migration service is taking content designed for one learning management system and transferring it to another. There will be some changes needed to make your ideas fit into a Canvas structure. However, many fixes will already have been made by our third-party vendor.


Concierge migration happens at predetermined intervals, but takes significantly less time than a build-it-yourself approach. Many remediations will be completed by our third-party vendor. Instructors should plan to review their course and make updates to content based on the new semester and LMS features. Instructors using this option can schedule appointments to discuss their migrated course.

Manual Migration
Request a manual migration, which takes a few business days, but may require you to fix content.

Request a manual migration (select Content-Copy Migration at the end of the form) of your Moodle/Blackboard course into a Canvas workspace within a few business days.


This is a manual process performed on-campus with no fixes. Depending on how your course was designed in your previous LMS it could require substantial remediation.


Manual migrations can happen within a few business days of making the request. These migrations can take more time than concierge migrations as no remediation will be done prior to receiving the course from IDEAS. IDEAS is available to answer questions and brainstorm ideas, but cannot perform remediations in individual courses.

Request a blank course workspace - take advantage of Canvas features by starting from scratch.

Request a blank course workspace by emailing with your request and build your course from scratch, exactly the way you want it.


Every learning management system is different, building from scratch will allow you to leverage Canvas' best features and take a thoughtful approach to building a high quality course.


This option could take a long time as instructors will be planning and implementing their ideas from scratch. However, you can get started within a few business days of requesting your workspace. Instructors can also build directly in their SPIRE-linked course, if they have already requested one. IDEAS is available to answer questions and brainstorm ideas.