Surplus Equipment

The University’s Office of Waste Management (OWM) is responsible for the collection and disposal of unwanted furniture and equipment that has a value of less that $100.00 or scrap/junk equipment of any value. Equipment with a value of greater than $100.00 can be transferred to another University department or sold by a Public Bid through the Procurement Department. See instructions below for each type of equipment and furniture.

Disposal of Equipment or Furniture valued at less than $100.00

Please use the Office of Waste Management (OWM) Surplus Equipment Disposal Policy and Form. This form allows University departments to transfer title to unusable (junk) equipment and furniture valued at less than $100.00 to the OWM. OWM will in turn decide if the equipment/furniture is usable at any other University department or can be donated to another source.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure please call John Pepi, General Manager of OWM at 413.577.3013.

Sale of Equipment or Furniture Valued at greater than $100.00

Please use the Procurement Department procedure for sale of equipment. This procedure gives instructions and specific forms to allow the sale of unused equipment.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure please call John O. Martin, Director of Procurement at 413.545.0361.

Procedure for Sale of Surplus Equipment

  1. Department identifies equipment as surplus to their department heads
  2. Department fills out Surplus Equipment Sale Form and forwards to Procurement.
  3. Procurement sends copy of form to Property Office to verify the information.
  4. Procurement determines if equipment can be utilized by another UMA department.
  5. If equipment can be utilized by other departments a fair market value is assigned. Information is posted on to the Procurement web-site under surplus equipment for at least 30 days. Equipment is available to all UMA Departments during this period.
  6. If another department is interested in the equipment, they can contact the Procurement Department. The Procurement Department will process a transfer request and arrange for the transfer. Copy of transfer request goes to the UMass Property Management Office.
  7. If equipment is not suitable for use by other departments, or if equipment is listed on the Procurement web-site and no department expresses interest within 30-days, the equipment will be listed on the web-site for sale to the public across the United States and Canada.
  8. is an online auction platform that many government agencies utilize to auction surplus property to the public. Only government agencies can auction items on Municibid and bidding is open to the public across the United States and Canada. To access the site simply go to:
  9. Advertising in the Hampshire Gazette will be determined by the Director of Procurement. The advertising costs will be passed on to the department(s) listing equipment in the advertised bid.
  10. Procurement will open all sealed bids received prior to the date and time specified in the bid from All bids will be public bids and any interested party may attend the bid opening and/or inspect the bid responses.
  11. Procurement will make an award to the highest responsible bidder that meets or exceeds the minimum bid listed for each item or category listed in the bid. All items not bid on, or not receiving a bid that at least equals the minimum amount listed will be disposed of for scrap value or held until the next surplus equipment bid at the discretion of the Procurement Department.
  12. A letter will be sent to the vendor/individual that receives the award with instructions on how to pay and where to pick up their purchase. A bill of sale will be provided to all successful bidders upon payment of their purchase.
  13. All items must be picked up within 14 days of notification unless other arrangements have been made with the Procurement Department. All monies received for the surplus equipment will be deposited in the designated departmental fund that is shown on the surplus equipment form. Any funds for surplus equipment, such as scrap metals, that cannot be identified with a specific department will be deposited in the University general fund or other fund as designated by the Vice- Chancellor of A&F for such purposes.
  14. The Procurement Department will complete the surplus equipment form and supply a copy to the originating department and the UMass Property Management Office. The original form will be held in the Procurement Department files.
  15. The Procurement Department will maintain a file on all equipment disposed of for review by all interested parties for a period a least equal to what is defined by Massachusetts record retention requirements.

UMass Amherst Procurement has transitioned to the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) in the UMass President’s Office.

Visit the UPST website for more information. Email upst [at] for procurement help.

To cancel or close a Purchase Order, contact upst [at] or browse the UPST Staff Directory.