General Bids Open

General Bids for the University of Massachusetts Amherst are listed below. The bid documents are available electronically on Bonfire

Note that bids must be received on Bonfire by the due date and time in order to be considered. Any bid that is not received on time will not be considered. Submitting bids via the Bonfire website is Mandatory, No Hard Copies will be accepted. The documents on Bonfire are the official source of information on all bids for the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Documents attained from other sources will not be recognized during the bid and award process. Vendor’s relying on documents obtained from sources other than the Bonfire website do so at their own risk and may result in the rejection of an individual’s bid. Please pay special note to Bid Opening Time! 

Bid submissions and registration are free of charge, for more information on being a vendor visit the vendor portal.

For technical help call 1-800-354-8010 Ext. 2. or submit a request online at Bonfire Support.

Postedsort ascending RFB No Project Name Pre-Bid Meeting
12/23/19 AA20-RH-6133 Air Carrier Services for Men's Football 2020

No Pre-Bid Meeting

10/11/19 AA20-RH-6129 Contract: Student Affairs Student Engagement Solution
9/13/19 AA20-RH-6126 Air Carrier Services for Women’s Basketball Team FY’20

No Pre-Bid Meeting

9/9/19 AA20-RH-6123 Air Carrier Services for Men’s Basketball Team FY’20

No Pre-Bid Meeting

7/9/19 AA20-SP-6118 Carbon Mitigation Plan


6/18/19 AA20-RH-6117 Contract: Clinical Chemistry System, Reagents and Maintenance Services

No Pre-Bid Meeting

6/10/19 UMAPP19-025 Integrated Pest Management Consulting Services


5/7/19 CA20-RH-6104 Campus Contract: Printing of T-Shirts and Polo Shirts

No Pre-Bid Meeting

4/5/19 AA19-JM-6097 AA19-JM-6097


3/11/19 AA19-SP-6088 Central Heating Plant, Controls Service Contract

A non-mandatory review meeting to be held on April 1, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at Central Heating Plant conference room, 200 Mullins Way, UMASS Amherst, MA

2/11/19 AA19-SP-6082 Commercial Internet Service Providers
1/4/19 AA19-JM-6071 Group Medical Program

No Pre-Bid Meeting 

10/8/18 AA19-AT-6067 Power plant – purchase of ultra low sulfur fuel oil

No Pre-Bid Meeting 

1/12/18 AA18-JM-6017 Men's Hockey Equipment

No Pre-Bid meeting


UMass Amherst Procurement has transitioned to the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) in the UMass President’s Office.

Visit the UPST website for more information. Email upst [at] for procurement help.

To cancel or close a Purchase Order, contact upst [at] or browse the UPST Staff Directory.