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General Bids Awarded

RFB No Project Name Status Awarded To
AA17-JM-5171 System Upgrade to UMPD Radio System Awarded


AA17-JM-5173 RFP Branding & Environmental Graphics Design, Fabrication, and Installation Services at the John F. Kennedy Champions Center Awarded

HKD Sports 

AA17-JM-6008 Athletic Team Apparel, Uniforms, Equipment & Accessory Products Cancelled
AA18-AT-6028 Controlled Environment Room Awarded


AA18-GD-6016 Electronic Research Administration (eRA) and Compliance Software Package Awarded


AA18-JM-6015 Course Material Adoption Tool & Virtual Course Material Store Awarded


AA18-PR-5178 Energy Command Center Awarded

Radix Cimmetrics

AA18-PR-6013 Supply and Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas Awarded

No Award

AA19-AT-6051 Electronic CAD Floor Plans Of Campus Buildings Awarded

Bond Bronthers Inc. 

AA19-AT-6068 Fleet operations/transportation services – purchase of dulsd and unleaded gasoline Awarded

Petroleum Traders Corporation 

AA19-GD-6083 Football Field Wire Awarded

Arthur Hurley

AA19-JM-6080 Campus Waste System Evaluation Awarded


AA19-JY-6094 Physical Plant Custodial Apparel Purchase Awarded

Action Apparel

AA19-RH-6070 One (1) New Portable Photosynthesis System with Fluorimeter Awarded

PP Systems

AA19-RH-6072 One (1) New Spinning Disc Confocal Microscope System Awarded

Closed by the Department - Replaced with AA19-RH-6075 - Shared Bid with Lowell

AA19-RH-6074 Contract: Statewide Well Drilling Services for the MassDOT Salt Remediation Program Awarded

Multiple Vendor Award:

     Gap Mountain Drilling; New England Well & Pump Company; Skillings & Sons and WRAGG Brothers of VT


AA19-RH-6075 Purchase of Two (2) Confocal Microscopes with Trade-in's Awarded

Award for the Amherst Campus = Olympus America & Intelligent Imaging Innovations

AA19-RH-6076 Contract: Custodial Services Awarded

Cancelled by the Department

AA19-RH-6077 Contract: Rental, Installation and Removal of an Indoor Stage, Chairs and Accessories for the College Medal Ceremonies Awarded

SER Exposition Services

AA19-RH-6078 Contract: Air Carrier Services for Men's Football 2019 Awarded

Air Charter Services

AA19-RH-6079 Contract: UMass Amherst Gateway Website Redesign and Website Build Awarded

Digital Pulp

AA19-RH-6081 Contract: Branding Campaign, Promotional Advertising and Public Relations Plan Awarded

Element Productions

AA19-RH-6084 Contract: Review of the Fire Alarm and Security Shop Process, work Flow and Policies Awarded

Closed - Zero Bid Responses Received

AA19-RH-6085 Contract: Rental of Portable Restrooms for the Athletic Department Awarded

United Site Services Northeast, Inc.

AA19-RH-6086 Contract: Summer Storage Program Awarded

Dorm Room Movers

AA19-RH-6089 Contract: Graphic Design Services for Promotion and Communications for UMass Athletics Awarded

Summit Athletic Media

AA19-RH-6090 Contract: Build an Interactive Map for the W.E.B. Du Bois Library Pending Award

Briteweb, Inc.

AA19-RH-6092 Contract: Provide Gift Planning Lead Generation Marketing Services Awarded

The Stelter Company

AA19-RH-6095 Contract: Laundry Services for Auxiliary Enterprises Awarded

L & J Linen Services

AA19-RH-6098 Contract: Custodial Services Awarded

Paxio, Inc. - Dba:  Kleen Rite Services

AA19-RH-6099 Contract: Card Access System Maintenance Awarded

Johnson Controls, Inc.

AA19-RH-6106 Contract: Photography Services for the Athletic Department Awarded

Thom Kendall Photography

AA19-SP-6108 Computing Equipment and Support Services Awarded

Lenovo Global Technology

AA20-RH-6103 Contract: Clinical Chemistry System, Reagents and Maintenance Services Awarded

Closed by the Department due to Specification Changes.  Reference new RFB# AA20-RH-6117 posted on 6-18-19

AA20-RH-6105 Contract: Miscellaneous Contact Lenses Awarded

ABB Optical Group

DD18-ML-15 University Massachusetts Janitorial Supplies Closed by Department
UA18-JM-5199 Residential Hall Student Furniture Awarded


UA18-JM-6022 University Wide Contract for Office Supplies, Copier Paper & Toner Awarded

WB Mason

UA19-JM-6059 University Wide Contract- PDF Editor Software Cancelled
UMAPP18-011 CEMS Service and Calibrations Awarded

Air Tox Environmental Company Inc. 

UMAPP18-013 CHP- HVAC Maintenance & Repair Awarded

Johnson Controls Inc. 

UMAPP18-021 Campus Electrical Distribution Consultant Awarded

Clough Harbor Associates 

UMAPP18-026 Campus – Waste Hauling and Disposal Awarded

Dave Wickles Trucking


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