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UMass Amherst Procurement Transition

The UMass Amherst Procurement Department has transitioned to the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) in the UMass President’s Office.

For information regarding the UPST go to:

For all Department Travel Card questions and applications please email the UPST: upst [at]


Travel Services provides University liability Department Travel Cards to departments as a payment method for non-employee travel expenses such as: faculty/staff searches, graduate student recruiting, student groups, guest speakers, visiting lecturers, and non-employee collaborators.  There are two exceptions to this policy listed below. These cards may be used as payment for airline and Amtrak tickets, hotels/lodging, meals, travel agency fees, conference registration fees, ground transportation, fuel, and offsite event expenses.

How to Register Your Department Travel Card Account on the Citibank Web Site



These cards should be used to pay for non- employee travel expenses only. Examples of non-employees are guest speakers, recruiting and searches, student travel and visiting lecturers. The two exceptions to this policy are:

  • The travel expenses for an employee can be charged to this account when the employee is taking non-employees on a trip.
  • When an employee has had his/her application for an individual Citi Bank travel card denied you can charge transportation, lodging and conference registrations only for that employee to this card.

Allowable Expenses

Examples of the type of travel expenses that are allowed on this account are listed in the UMass Amherst Travel Brochure.

  • You should never pay for a rental car for someone who is not an employee or student at the University.
  • This account should not be used by an employee to take a non-employee out for a meal.

Account Procedures

  • This account is automatically paid each month. 
  • You are required to reconcile a statement each month for this account. As part of this process, you will verify the accuracy and validity of all of the charges on this account. In addition, you will attach all of your supporting documentation to the statement. You must sign and date the reconciliation and keep it in your files. Your reconciliation will be audited to ensure compliance with this requirement. 
  • You must call Citi Bank at 1-800-248-4553 to report any fraudulent charges on this account. 
  • Each Department Travel Card is linked to a speed type and account. All expenses that are charged to the card will post to the speed type and account that are linked to the card, unless they are reallocated within thirty days from the date that the charge appears in PeopleSoft.


You can obtain a statement for this account by going to the Citi Bank Web Site See separate instructions on how to register this account in order to be able to view and download statements for this account. If you have already registered an account (Procard, Individual Travel Card) at this web site, you will not be required to go through the registration process. Members of the Citi Bank Help Desk can help you link these accounts to your current log in information. The number for the Citi Bank Help Desk is 1-800-248-4553  


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