Class FF - Facility Operational Supplies and Related Expenses

This class includes only those codes that are appropriate for requisition/purchase order use that covers expenditures for the cost of supplies required for operating the University.

Contract Use:

Department staff should verify with their business manager or bookkeeper whether a contract (University, Campus, Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium ((MHEC)) or State) is available for the type of purchase to be made.

Employee Reimbursements:

All employee reimbursements must be processed through object class BB – Employee Related Expenses. Object Class FF is used for payments to vendors only. Employee reimbursements cannot be done on a requisition/purchase order. Process on a Disbursement Voucher or a Travel Voucher, whichever is appropriate.


Requisitions/purchase orders are inappropriate for recharge departments. Check with the respective recharge area for their requirements.

Related Account Codes


UMass Amherst Procurement has transitioned to the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) in the UMass President’s Office.

Visit the UPST website for more information. Email upst [at] for procurement help.

To cancel or close a Purchase Order, contact upst [at] or browse the UPST Staff Directory.