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Awarded Construction Bids

RFB No Project Name Statussort descending Awarded To
UMA19-14 Tillson, Poultry Building 1 Building Renovation Awarded

TJ Conway Company

UMA18-28 Marcus Student Space Renovation Awarded

Kurtz, Inc.

UMAPP20-009 Campus- Electrical Trade Services Cancelled
UMAPP18-005 Campus – Asbestos Abatement / Removal Awarded

Baystate Contracting Services, Inc.

Compass Restoration Services, LLC

UMA19-15 Furcolo Auditorium Accessibility Awarded

Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc. 

UMAPP18-016 Campus- Roofing Services Awarded

Titan Roofing & Capeway Roofing

UMAPP20-007 Campus- Floor Covering Awarded
UMAPP18-006 Hardscape Repair & Excavation Services Awarded

Caracas Construction Corp

Warner Bros, LLC

UMA19-19 Brett House Renovations Awarded

PDS Engineering & Construction Inc.

UMA18-27 Fine Arts Center & Lederle GRC Accessible Toilets Awarded

United Walls Systems LLC

UMAPP20-008 Campus- Painting Services Awarded
UMAPP18-001 Repair of Two Medium Sized Greenhouses Awarded

No Award

UMA19-20 Mahar Chair Lift Replacement Awarded

Marois Construction

UMA18-21 Physical Plant, Room 304 Textbook Annex Renovation Awarded

Forish Construction

AA20-RH-6131 CANCELLED BY THE DEPARTMENT-Contract: On-Call Services Relocation Management Services for Facilities and Campus Planning Awarded

Cancelled by the Department

UMA18-06 Parking Lot 25, Repave Solar Canopy Awarded


UMA19-17 FAC Rand Theater Trap Floor Replacement Awarded

City Enterprise Inc. 

UMAPP18-018 Information Technology – HVAC System Maintenance Awarded

Johnson Controls Inc. 

UMA18-04 Hills Building Demolition Awarded

Ritter & Paratore Contracting, Inc.

UMA19-10 Goessmann, Rms 062 and 067 Renovation Awarded

Marois Construction

UMA18-26 Lincoln Apartments Fire Alarm Upgrade Phase II Awarded

Goodless Electric Co. Inc.

UMA18-02A Research House Modular – Hadley Farm Awarded

No Bids Received

UMA19-18 Brooks House Lobby Renovations Awarded

Forish Construction

UMAPP18-017 CHP/Utilities-Boiler/Piping Maintenance & Repair Cancelled
UMA18-03A Research House Installation – Hadley Farm Awarded

No Bids Received

UMA19-16 Furcolo, Roof Replacement 2019 Awarded

Kurtz Inc. 

UMAPP18-015 Campus- PCB Lead & Mold Abatement Awarded

Compass Restoration Services LLC

UMAPP18-024 Hills Gorman Steamline Excavation Awarded

T&M Equipment Corporation

UMA19-23 Van Meter 1st Floor ADA Bathrooms Awarded

Kurtz Inc. 

UMA18-17 Rebid Mullins, Roof Assessment Phase 2 Re-Bid Awarded

Wesfield Construction Co Inc

UMAPP18-022 Campus- Masonry Trade Labor Awarded

Garland Construciton Corp. & Kenney Masonry, LLC

UMA19-22 Prince New Finishes 2019 Awarded

Kurtz Inc. 

UMA18-20 Moore Fire Alarm Upgrade Awarded

M.L. Schmitt Inc

UMA18-31 Lederle GRC Rm A106 Renovation Awarded

City Enterprise Inc.

UMAPP18-023 Campus- HVAC Mechanical Maintenance & Repair Awarded

TJ Conway & Kleeberg Mechanical Services LLC

UMA19-09 Boyden and DuBois Lighting Upgrade EPLUS Awarded

Zap Electric Inc.

UMA18-17 Mullins, Roof Assessment Phase 2 Cancelled
UMA18-34 Fine Art Center Music Wing and Computer Science Restroom Renovations Awarded

R.A.C. Builders, Inc.

UMAPP19-013 Campus-Medium Voltage Electrical Services Awarded

Power Line Contractors Inc.

UMAPP18-007 Campus- Chiller Systems Maintenance Awarded

Trane U.S. Inc.

UMAPP18-021 Campus Electrical Distribution Consultant Awarded

Clough Harbor & Assoc LLP


UMA19-24 Dickinson and Webster Electrical Upgrade Awarded

Kurtz, Inc. 

UMA18-24 Thompson, High Rise 3 rd & 10 th Floor Renovation Awarded

Marois Construction

UMAPP18-026 Campus – Waste Hauling and Disposal Awarded

Dave Wickles Trucking

UMA19-38 Chadbourne and Greenough Electrical Upgrades Awarded

R.A.C. Builders 

UMAPP18-012 Campus- Fencing Awarded

BG Hastie Fence Co., Inc.

UMA18-35 Tillson, Poultry Building 1 Building Renovation Cancelled

No Award

UMA19-37 Whitmore Mechanical Improvements Awarded


UMA18-26 Lincoln Apartments Fire Alarm Upgrade Phase II Awarded

Goodless Electric Company, Inc.

UMAPP19-001 Campus-Fire Suppressions Systems Maintenance and Inspections Awarded

Johnson Controls

UMA19-36 Hampshire House Third Floor HVAC Renovations Awarded

TJ Conway Company

UMAPP18-010 Lederle Graduate Research Center Exhaust Fan 4 Damper Project Awarded

Climate Heating & Cooling, Inc.

UMA18-36 UMA Gloucester Marine Station Renovations Awarded

Avatar Construction Corporation

UMA19-43 Thompson High Rise, 1st Floor Lobby Renovations Awarded

City Enterprises 

UMA18-14 Middlesex Renovations 2018 Awarded

City Enterprise Inc.

UMA18-35 rebid Tillson Poultry Building 1 Building Renovation Awarded

Fiber Control Inc. 

UMA19-41 Fearing Street Road Improvements Awarded

The Nunes Companies Inc.

UMA18-07 Lederle GRC Fire Alarm Upgrade Awarded

United Wall Systems LLC

UMA19-03 Lederle GRC Tower IT Closet Upgrades Awarded

City Enterprise Inc.

UMAPP19-018 Camus- Welding Trade Labor Awarded

TJ Conway Company & Kleeberg Mechanical Services LLC

UMAPP18-009 Rebid Mullins Hockey Steel Facade Awarded

No Bids Received

UMATC19-001 Campus-Telecommunication Systems and Cables Awarded

Collins Electric CO., Inc. & Lan-Tel Communications, Inc.


UMA19-46 Lederle Graduate Research Center Steam Header Replacement Awarded

Industrial Steel & Boiler Services, Inc.

UMA18-19 Patterson Fire Alarm Upgrade Awarded

Collins Electric Co., Inc.

UMA19-02 Morrill IV Neuroscience Renovations Awarded

D.A. Sullivan

UMAPP19-020 Campus – Sprinkler System Maintenance Awarded

Cogswell Sprinkler Company

UMA18-12 Baker, Electrical Upgrade and Generator Awarded

Forish Construction Company, Inc.

UMA19-05 Governors Drive Reconstruction Cancelled
UMA19-40 Parking Lot 43, Totman Reconstruction Awarded

Mass-West Construction, Inc.

UMA18-23 Hasbrouck Utility Corridor Upgrade Awarded

Mass-West Construction, Inc.

UMA19-04 Parking Lot 52, Expansion Awarded

T&M Equipment Corporation

UMAPP19-016 Cranberry Station Window Replacement- Wareham Cancelled
UMAPP18-014 Campus-Doors, Windows and Glass Replacement Awarded

Garland Construction Corp.

UMA19-08 Lederle GRC, CRAC Units EPLUS FY18 Awarded

T.J. Conway

UMA19-48 Umass Amherst Mt Ida Campus, Bldg 770, Rm 118 HVAC Cancelled
UMA18-18 Morrill Complex Elevator Replacement Awarded

R.A.C. Builders, Inc.

UMA19-06 Physical Plant Roof Replacement Phase 1 Awarded

Forish Construction

UMAPP18-006 Hardscape Repair & Excavation Services Awarded

Caracas Construction Corp. & Warner Bros., LLC

UMAPP19-023 Southwest Steam Shutdown Awarded

TJ Conway

UMA18-13 Emerson James and Melville Basement Window Replacement Awarded

Souliere & Zepka Construction, Inc.

UMA19-07 FAC UMCA North Gallery Chair Lift Installation Cancelled
UMAPP18-020 Campus- Sprinkler Systems Maintenance Awarded

Cogswell Sprinkler Co. Inc.

UMAPP19-022 HVAC Mechanical Maintenance & Repair Awarded
UMA18-16 Marston Hall, Elevator Replacement Awarded

Marois Construction

UMAPP19-006 CHP/Utilities-Boiler/Piping Maintenance & Repair Awarded

Industrial Steel & Boiler Services, Inc.

UMAPP18-017 CHP/Utilities-Boiler/Piping Maintenance & Repair REBID Cancelled
UMAPP19-024 Recreation Center-recoat wood floors-LABOR ONLY Cancelled
UMA18-05 Campus, Southwest Lowrises Elevator Modernizations Awarded

D.A. Sullivan & Sons Inc.

UMAPP19-007 Campus Mechanical Equipment Repair Awarded

Associated Electro-Mechanics

UMA18-29 Parking Lot 25, Repave Solar Canopy Awarded

Warner Bros. LLC

UMA19-51 Champions Center, HVAC Upgrades Awarded

D.A. Sullivan & Sons Inc.

UMBA15-X1 Vivarium Improvements, Re-Solicitation WaterProofing Awarded


UMAPP19-009 REBID Campus – Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drain Lines & Catch Basin Cleaning Awarded

Clogbusters Underground Technologies 

UMA18-32 Lincoln Campus Center Roof Top Anchor No Bids Received
UMA19-49 Gunness, Rooms 6 Lab Renovations Awarded

Kurtz Inc.

UMBA15-X1 Vivarium Improvements Awarded


UMA19-11 Berkshire Dining Commons Mech Room 47 Chiller Replacement Awarded

Kleeberg Mechanical Services LLC

UMA18-25 Roof Replacement and Associated work at Conte Polymer Research Awarded

Greenwood Industries Inc. 

UMAPP20-004 Campus – Plumbing Trade Labor Awarded
UMAPP18-009 Mullins Hockey Steel Façade Awarded

No Bids Received

UMA19-12 Lincoln CC, Blue Wall Duct Repairs Awarded

Marois Construction

UMAPP18-019 Pierpont/Cance Steam and Condensate Line Replacement Awarded

All State Construction, Inc.

UMA20-02 Goessmann Suite 012 Class Lab Renovation Awarded

Keiter Builders Inc

UMAPP18-007 Campus- Chiller Systems Maintenance Awarded

Trane U.S. Inc.

UMA19-13 Conte Room B225 Lab Renovation Awarded

Inglewood Development Corporation

UMA18-30 Dickinson, Field, Grayson and Webster Railing Replacement Awarded

Inglewood Development 

UMAPP20-010 Central Heating Plant Valve Services Awarded
UMA18-08 Hasbrouck Utility Corridor Upgrade Awarded

Kleeberg Mechanical Services


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