About Contracts and Contract Policy

Contracts make use of the University's buying power by committing one or more types of products to one or more vendors.  In exchange, the contract participants receive special pricing based on the vendor's anticipation of business to be realized during the contract term.

There are no dollar restrictions for contract purchases, but there may be other types of documentation requirements. 

Primary Contracts

Punch-out Vendors in BuyWays
The BuyWays e-Procurement system should be your first stop when you are looking for Items and services. The punch-out vendors pricing is based on the most competitive contract that is available to the University and all of the pricing and applicable discounts are built into the Punch-out sites.

Campus & University Contracts
Campus and University Contracts are contracts that the Amherst Campus or the UMass Purchasing Council created. These contracts are for an array of commonly procured Supplies and Services, some of these contracts can be found as a punch-out on BuyWays.  

Secondary Contracts

In the event that you are unable to source your purchase from a Punch-out Vendor, Campus or University Contract there are other contract resources available.

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)
The MHEC is a purchasing consortium created for, and used by, many institutions of higher education throughout New England. The MHEC has a large variety of contracts and suppliers available. The MHEC has its own website and contract database that can be accessed by anyone with a UMass e-mail address (registration is required). Once registered you will be able to search through, suppliers, brands, product categories and more.

Massachusetts State Contracts (COMMBUYS)
COMMBUYS, the State’s online procurement platform, links public purchasers in search of products and services with vendors who are able to provide them. COMMBUYS has its own website and contract database that can be searched. (No registration is necessary) The State Contract User Guide can help walk you through the process. 


UMass Amherst Procurement has transitioned to the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) in the UMass President’s Office.

Visit the UPST website for more information. Email upst [at] umassp.edu for procurement help.

To cancel or close a Purchase Order, contact upst [at] umassp.edu or browse the UPST Staff Directory.