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Travel Card Programs - Overview

The UMass Travel Card Programs provide many important features that facilitate payment of travel expenses and provides essential data to the University. In addition, it provides physical damage and theft car rental insurance at no cost and is the method to obtain cash for out-of-pocket travel expenses.

Individual Corporate Travel Cards

Full time, regular and UMass Foundation employees are eligible for Individual Corporate Travel Cards. In addition, temporary employees, graduate students, and post doctorates are also eligible for Individual Corporate Travel Cards.

Department Travel Cards

These cards should be used to pay for non- employee travel expenses only. Examples of non-employees are guest speakers, recruiting and searches, student travel and visiting lecturers.

The two exceptions to this policy are:

    1. The travel expenses for an employee can be charged to this account when the employee is taking non-employees on a trip.
    2. When an employee has had his/her application for an individual Citibank travel card denied you can charge transportation, lodging and conference registrations only for that employee to this card.



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