The University of Massachusetts Amherst


When you enroll in Power Up, you’ll move in two days early and get familiar with the UMass campus. You’ll attend a College Success workshop and strategize how to best plan and manage your education. You’ll be grounded in an awareness of the campus and its resources, and you’ll begin building your confidence, your independence, and your sense of responsibility. After participating in the program, you’ll be armed with good academic habits, you’ll be empowered to make smart choices, and you’ll have a core group of friends.

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UMass Amherst can be an intimidating place. Take a look at the campus map - it seems the size of a small city. But you will move into your permanent dorm room two days before the rest of your freshman class gets here and completely miss the stress of move-in day. You’ll learn your way around campus so that when school begins, you’ll know where your classes are, where to get your books, and where to find various campus resources. By the time the semester starts, the city that is UMass will be familiar to you and you will know your place within it!


At Power Up, students begin making friends the very first night. Classes are small (20-25 students) and you’ll stay with the same class throughout the program. You will develop a network of friends to hang out with. You will talk to current undergrads about their experience at UMass, and you will get all your questions answered. If you feel nervous about starting college and fear that you may feel isolated or lonely, participating in Power Up will give you plenty of time to make lasting friendships so you will begin your freshman year with confidence and connections.


Managing your education can be a challenge. Arm yourself with skills to increase your efficiency and aptitude. Learn how to stay on track and adapt to a heavier workload. Your Power Up classes will cover such critical topics as time management, effective note taking, studying and test-taking skills, learning styles, using social media smartly, making the most of the campus technology, finding the right extracurricular organizations and activities for you, and many others.


The College Success Workshop will also get you started on developing an educational plan. You’ll receive hands-on training to help set your course for academic success. Learn to develop relationships and dialogue with your professors, mentors and TA’s. Learn how to best take advantage of advising centers, peer advising groups, and the support you’ll find in the residence halls. Find out how, why, when and where to seek out service learning opportunities, community service work and internships. Develop habits that will be useful throughout your time at UMass and that will also prove useful in the professional world.

Some needs-based scholarships are available for the full cost of the program.