The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Power Up?

Students move in early to their assigned dorm rooms on Wednesday, September 2nd. That same evening, after the students have moved in, they report to the Integrative Learning Center at 6:30 to be assigned to their classroom and instructor. From 7 to 9:00pm that night we hold the first class. The program continues throughout the day on Thursday, September 3rd, and finishes Friday, September 4th with the College Success Workshop. Students are released from Power Up on September 4th so that they can join the New Student Orientation.

What is the difference between Power Up and the New Student Orientation?

UMass requires all first-year students to attend the New Student Orientation (NSO).  This orientation program will takes place starting on Friday, September 4th after freshman move in day. Power Up is held on 9/2/2020 - 9/4/2020. While NSO includes programming for large groups of incoming first-year students, Power Up class sizes are small, no larger than 22, enabling students to create networks of friends and receive personalized attention from experienced graduate instructors and upper-level undergraduates as they focus on techniques for academic success in the UMass environment. Power Up allows students to move in to their dorms early, earn 1-credit towards graduation requirements, and get acclimated to UMass while learning valuable academic skills. 

How much is the course fee and what does it include?

Power Up costs $590, plus a registration fee of $47 and an Early Arrival Housing fee of $60, for a total fee of $697.  Power Up is a one-credit course during which students will earn a letter grade that will be a part of their official academic transcript. This fee covers all course materials, online tools, and meals throughout the program as well as the college credit. Wednesday night we have a pizza night in class. All other meals are provided by the UMass Dining Commons.

You do not need to pay for Power Up when you register; the UMass Bursar’s Office will bill you.

How do I register for the course?

You may register online. Registration for Power Up 2020 will open soon.

When is the last day to register or withdraw from the course?

The last day to register for the course is August 19, 2020. The last day to drop the course is August 19, 2020; the last day to withdraw from the course is September 1, 2020; the last day for a refund is August 19, 2020. There is no refund after August 19, 2020.

How can I find out more information about Power Up?

Join our email list to receive updates on this year’s program. 

If you have additional questions, or would like to speak to someone about the program, you may email us at or call 413-545-7200.

How do I arrange to move into my dorm room early?

You don’t need to do anything about this. Power Up takes care of this for you. The Bursar’s office will bill you $30/night for 2 nights early arrival (9/2 & 9/3) – this is a 50% reduction from the usual fee of $60/night. This is included in the enrollment price of $697.

How can I find out about scholarship support to attend this program?

Every year we award 8-10 scholarships for the full cost of attendance in this program. In order to qualify you must exhibit financial need as determined by the UMass Financial Aid Office. In the scholarship application, you will be required to write a 250-300 word essay explaining how you think the Power Up program will help you succeed as an undergraduate at UMass.