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The department maintains an active set of speakers series that feature scholars from all sub-fields and related fields. We are also part of Five College consortium that expands the range of intellectual activities through speakers and events at Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke and Smith colleges. And we annually host the University's Constitution Day speaker with our distinguished Dean Alfange Jr. Lecture in American Constitutionalism.

Approaches and Methods. This workshop celebrates the UMass Polisci's culture of methodological pluralism and showcases the array of methodological breadth among faculty in this department: ethnography, network analysis, surveys, experiments, archival work, qualitative case studies, quantitative and qualitative text analysis, interpretive approaches, and many others. Come join us for rich intellectual conversations about how we know things! Contact: Charli Carpenter.

Conflict, Violence and Security. The "Conflict, Violence and Security" research workshop considers paper in the areas of conflict, conflict processes, and resolution, violence (and efforts to counter it, including non-violent approaches to social and political change), and security - broadly defined to include the range of local and global approaches to individual and state security. Papers are circulated in advance and those who attend read and discuss. We also bring in the occasional outside speaker. Contact: Jamie Rowen and Rebecca Hamlin.

Art of Conflict Transformation Events Series. This UMass Amherst event series is housed in the Legal Studies Program in the Department of Political Science and produced the UMass Mural that hangs in the Campus Center. It brings to UMass scholars, artists, and conflict resolvers to explore the geography of conflict; the spaces in and on which conflict has been imprinted and expressed, and the emerging terrains of resistance, resilience, and transformation. The 2023 events series The Good Friday Agreement @ 25, celebrated and critically examined the 1998 historic British/Irish peace accord. Contact: Leah Wing.