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Faculty-graduate student teams may apply each Spring for a 10-hr/week for 10 weeks Summer RA-ship (paid at current GEO rate) for faculty-led research projects that involve a graduate student. Preference will be given to projects that are expected to result in a co-authored paper submitted to a major political science journal.

Proposals must be co-authored by a faculty member and a graduate student. 

Faculty/student teams must present their completed research work to the department in the fall.

Application deadline:  March 15

Application requirements

   a) Application Form

   b) a clear description of the research project (2-3 pages)

   c) an explanation of how the research experience will contribute both to the student’s and the faculty member’s research agenda

   d) include a plan for completing a co-authored paper within a year

   e) specify which major political science journal the final paper will be submitted to first

Selection criteria

The applications will be evaluated according to the quality and development of the research proposal. 

Preference will be given to those students who have not previously received a Summer Research Assistantship award.  The amount of other grants previously received or concurrently receiving will also be considered.

The Graduate Studies Committee will review all applications and announce awards by April 1.