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FAQ’s – Graduate Student Award Reimbursement Process

I have been awarded a travel/research grant. How will I receive this money? 
The department distributes your award to you via a reimbursement for research-related purchases or travel expenses. Reimbursement payments are made in tandem with payroll (typically direct deposit); however, a check can be sent if direct deposit is not used. These awards cannot be distributed as cash or as an advance payment towards future expenses. In order to be reimbursed, you must be able to present receipts for research-related travel or expenses.

How do I submit my reimbursement request?
Please submit your travel and/or business reimbursement requests to @email. Be sure to also specify the funding source as “Travel Grant” and include the semester (Fall/Spring/Summer) and year; ie. Fall 2021 Travel Grant. Whenever possible, please combine as many electronic receipts or images into one PDF file to prevent information from being lost.

What will I need to submit to obtain reimbursement for my travel expenses?

  • Travel and Reimbursement Request Form
    We recommend using our Travel & Reimbursement Request Form to summarize your expenses and trip details. This form is not required but often serves as a helpful tool if totaling up multiple expenses from a single trip. All forms and receipts may be submitted electronically or in hard copy.
  • University Travel Registration ID
    You must request approval for University-related travel that is out-of-state or overnight. Each trip registration is assigned a 5-digit ID upon submitting your registration for approval. Please include this 5-digit number when submitting your reimbursement request.
  • Valid/itemized receipts
    Receipts must be included for each expense you would like reimbursed. A valid receipt should indicate what was paid for, your name, and a proof of payment (i.e. C. Jones – VISA ********1234 - $75.00). If payment information is not clear on your receipt, a credit card or bank statement can be included to indicate the charge you have incurred. However, a statement cannot serve as a receipt on its own. If a receipt was lost or not offered with a specific transaction, a Missing Receipt Affidavit must be submitted in its place.

How do I register my travel/obtain a pre-travel authorization?
Travel registration is a requirement of the University in an effort to track where students, faculty, and staff are in the event of an emergency. Travel authorization is required for all travel that is either out-of-state or overnight. You can log in using your existing Net ID and password. After logging in, enter the known information about your trip (estimated dates of travel, the destination(s), emergency contact, and the estimated cost). Request for approval should go to Crystal Paul, the department’s Director of Administration and Research. You can find her in the keyword search by entering her e-mail address (@email) or by typing “crystalpaul.” If you experience issues while working through the travel registry workflow, please refer to the Travel Registry Guidelines and utilize the contact information, if necessary.

Can I apply my travel grant funds to travel that has already occurred?
Yes, in most cases this is acceptable. Registering your trip within the registry will still be required and can be requested retroactively if you did not initially request approval prior to traveling.

Can the department help me with booking my travel or pre-pay some of my travel expenses?
The department may be able to book some things like airfare, conference registrations, and membership dues prior to a trip. Any advance booking costs should not exceed the amount of the grant you have been awarded. If your out-of-pocket expenses exceed the amount of your grant, the department will reimburse you up to the amount of your grant. Please send an email to @email for assistance with advance purchases.

I have received a non-working fellowship from the department. Will this also be paid out as a reimbursement?
No. Non-working fellowships are not paid as reimbursements and you do not need to submit receipts for payment. Emily White will notify you with details on your fellowship and the payment timeline.

I have been offered reimbursement for an expense unrelated to travel. How do I proceed?
Please submit a Business Expense Form to @email to summarize the details of the expense(s) and funding support being offered. This form may also be submitted electronically or in hard copy.