Use of University Property Policy

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This policy applies to all UMass Amherst or Five College students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and to all visitors and guests of the university including university departments and non-university entities.


To ensure the use of University properties proceeds in an orderly and coordinated manner consistent with the University’s mission of teaching, research, and public service.


Any use of University properties for programs, activities, and events must not interfere with official University functions, or disrupt the peace and quiet of the campus and the community adjacent to the campus. Non-University organizations may be allowed use of University properties at the discretion of the University only in accordance with campus guidelines and procedures governing such use, as administered by the authorized University Unit, provided, however, that official University functions shall have first priority.

Trustee Document T90-079 and Implementation Procedures for Regulations for Use of University Property outline the general policy considerations and procedures applicable for the use of University facilities and lands (links below). These materials are intended to promote consistency in decisions regarding use of University facilities and lands, and the assessment of rental fees and costs for such use.

Policy Manager
Ruth Yanka, Executive Director, A&F Operations
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Ruth Yanka
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Executive Director, A&F Operations
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Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
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Administration and Finance