CPARC Membership

Members with terms corresponding to holding the position

Secretary of the Faculty Senate: Anthony Paik
Chair of the Program and Budget Council or designee: Elizabeth Chang
Chair of the Academic Priorities Council or designee: Jack Wileden
Chair of the Rules Committee or designee: Janice Telfer
Campus Chief Planning Officer designee: Tilman Wolf
Campus Planning Associate: Bryan Beck
Budget Director: Lynn McKenna
Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Finance: Deb Gould
Sr. Assistant Provost for Administration and Finance: Amy Stout
Assistant Provost for Accreditation and Administration: Kathleen Martin

Members with staggered three-year terms

Three Faculty Members at-large:
William Brown, Accounting (Chair)
Rebecca Spencer (Psychological and Brain Sciences)   

Two Department Heads/Chairs:
Christopher Hollot, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Muzzo Uysal, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Two Deans of Colleges or Schools with degree programs:
Anna Maria Siega-Riz, SPHHS
Sanjay Raman, Engineering       

Members with terms defined by the appointing body

Deputy Chancellor: Rolanda Burney, Chancellor’s Chief of Staff
One other Vice Chancellor: Brandi Hephner LaBanc, VC for Student Affairs and Campus Life
Two undergraduate students appointed by the Student Government Association: Shayan Raza
One graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Senate: Laura Hancock