News & Events Personnel

The latest news and events can always be found on the homepage

The current page is meant to serve as a resource for faculty and staff that would like to know more about who maintains the different types of news and events and therefore who to get in touch with about posting content of the following 5 types:

Highlight Images

Used to highlight an image and short blurb in the slideshow at the top of the homepage. For questions and contributions please contact Guy Blaylock.


Posted by a variety of faculty members that manage events in different categories, including seminars, colloquia, and special events. To request management privilege for seminars and other departmental events, please get in touch with Guy Blaylock.


Used to share the achievements of faculty, staff and students in the department. For questions and contributions please contact Narayanan Menon.

Physics Spotlights

An interview with a member of the Physics Department. For more information please contact Brittany Bonenfant.

Physics Newsletters

An annual departmental newsletter published in PDF format. For questions and contributions please write to