Undergraduate TA Hiring Procedure

There are several steps to hiring an undergraduate TA for your course. Here's a list of things to keep in mind.

Steps for faculty:

  1. For an undergrad TA that will be hired by the department, send an email to the department head about your plans for hiring - include number of students, hours, and indicate if there is anything unusual about the hourly rate, or if any of them are working for course credit. Please add a brief explanation if your needs are different from past semesters. The department head will confirm permission to hire.

  2. Once you have received permission to hire, advertise the position on the department website. Do this regardless of whether the students are working for pay or for credit. Follow the instructions for posting a job opening on the department web site (please see Guy Blaylock if you need a department web account.) You can feel free to direct specific students to this site.

  3. Once you have chosen the student(s) you want, fill out a hiring request here. Racquel will inform the student with cc to you that they have been selected to work with Prof XYZ on Course number ABCD. If they accept, they should let you know, and meet with Racquel to get details on being hired and turning in hours (if working for pay).

Steps for students:

  1. Students who have not previously worked for the university should respond to Racquel Kirpan confirming their appointment and providing their student ID. She will direct them to the paperwork they need to fill out.
  2. All students working for the Physics department need to be FERPA certified in order to handle student information. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) governs access to private educational data. There are two steps:

a. Complete the online FERPA training here.

b. Go to SPIRE > Main Menu > Student Home > TA Ferpa Agreement and then click the "I agree to follow FERPA guidelines" button. The student needs to renew this agreement every semester, even if they have done it before.

  1. Once on the payroll, the student will need to report their hours on a weekly basis. The link for reporting time is here.