Website Instructions and Documentation

Users with accounts on this website have a variety of editing privileges based on account settings. These include such tasks as

  • editing directory entries,
  • posting jobs,
  • recording student theses,
  • or posting seminars and other events.

To access those options, log into your account using the "NetID Login" block in the right sidebar, where you will enter your UMass NetID and password.

With an account enabled, you may perform any of the tasks for which your account has privileges. Once you are logged in, instructions for the most common tasks will appear in the documentation below. (You must be logged in to access the instructions.) If you lack a necessary privilege, feel free to send a note to your friendly neighborhood sysadmin requesting an account modification.

A directory of other administrators who manage operations such as

  • creating departmental news items,
  • creating home page highlights,
  • creating professor spotlight interviews,
  • or writing newsletters,
can be found at News and Events Personnel.