Application Requirements for the M.S. Programs

Your completed application for the course-based M.S. program requires:

8. FINANCIAL STATEMENT - If enrolling, international students must complete the "International Student Financial Statement". For Visa eligibility, it is mandatory for international students to demonstrate that they can support their academic life while in school.

Mistakes and omissions can delay consideration of your application:

  1. APPLICATION FORM - Instructions and link to on-line application can be found on the Graduate School website
  3. THREE ACADEMIC RECOMMENDATIONS - The Graduate School will e-mail referees with instructions for electronically submitting recommendations. Note that for Accelerated MS students, one of these letters should be from your undergraduate advisor, and it should attest that your planned MS degree can be completed within a year of completing your undergraduate degree.
  4. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS of all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended (1 copy of each). Unofficial copies are acceptable for review purposes, however official transcripts will be required if enrolling.
  5. OFFICIAL GRE scores, both General and Physics, are not required for the M.S. program but may optionally be submitted. 
  6. TOEFL TEST SCORES for international applicants: Unofficial scores are acceptable for review purposes, however official score reports will be required if enrolling.
  8. Regular MS program:
    • Apply by November 30 for a December decision.
    • Apply by April 1 for a May decision.
  9. Accelerated MS program (UMass Undergrads in their Junior year, or first semester of their Senior year, may apply):
    • Apply by November 30 for a December decision.
    • Apply by April 1 for a May decision.
  10. If you do not send the application fee, or send the wrong fee, your application will be held by the Graduate School until the proper fee is paid.
  11. Failure to take any required tests, and to have the scores included in your application, will result in an incomplete application. If the TOEFL score is required (international student) and not received, the Graduate Admissions Committee in Physics cannot consider the application (unofficial scores suffice for review, but not for enrollment).
  12. Unofficial copies of your application materials (transcripts and test scores) for review may be uploaded with your application. (in PDF format).
    Official copies must be mailed to:
    530 GOODELL
    140 HICKS WAY
    AMHERST, MA 01003-9333 USA
  13. Any document sent to the Department must be forwarded to the Graduate Admissions Office, resulting in a delay.
  14. COMPLETE THE APPLICATION PROCESS EARLY! The Admissions Office is very busy before the January15th deadline date. Avoid delays by having your application arrive early. Applications may be submitted at any time and the review process will begin mid-December.