College awards for physics faculty

Publication date: Sun, May 21, 2023 - 10:00pm

Physics faculty Brokk Toggerson, Shubha Tewari and Stéphane Willocq were recognized with College of Natural Science awards for Outstanding Achievement in teaching, service and engagement, and research, respectively.

Senior Lecturer Brokk Toggerson's award was for teaching, and in particular for his work over the last years in infusing active learning methods through the lifesciences sequence and training several TAs in these methods. Senior Lecturer II Shubha Tewari's award was for Service and Engagement including directing the STEM Institute, leadership in the Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics, and extensive outreach to schools.  Stéphane Willocq's award for research recognizes his stewardship of the UMass effort at the world's largest physics experiment at the LHC in Geneva, where he currently serves as Deputy Spokesperson.  The awards were given at a ceremony by Dean Nate Whitaker and other CNS deans.  Congratulations, Shubha, Brokk, Stéphane!