Ground-breaking research on autonomous quantum error correction from Wang Lab

Publication date: Thu, Feb 11, 2021 - 10:30pm
Cavity Wigner tomography of six even-parity superposition states

In an article in the 11th Feb 2021 issue of Nature, Asst. Prof. Chen Wang, UMass graduate students Jeff Gertler, Shruti Shirol, postdoc Juliang Li, and theory collaborators, report a new strategy for error correction in a quantum computer.  In the race to develop the first universal quantum computer, an efficient way to correct the unavoidable errors in noisy physical qubits remains an outstanding challenge.  Unlike the commonly-pursued expensive strategy of periodically checking and fixing errors through active control, Wang and coworkers experimentally realized a quantum error correction protocol using only constant coupling between a qubit and a special environmental bath.  This research suggests new paradigms for implementing fault-tolerant quantum computation. Read more about this on Nature's News and Views, and on UMass News. Congratulations, all!