Financial Aid

The anticipated total compensation package for a first year (non-resident of Massachusetts) doctoral student is in excess of $50,000. In 2022-2023 this includes a teaching assistant stipend of $25,034 (20 hours/week for 38 weeks), a tuition waiver, 95% exemption of the individual health insurance fee costs (90% for the family plan), and dental, vision, wellness and childcare benefits. You will remain responsible for other mandatory fees, the cost of which is approximately $1110.50 per semester, plus a one-time only graduate entering fee of approximately $507.00 which is due the first semester. For up-to-date information regarding fees, please see

In addition, many students receive summer salary through Research Assistantships (RA's); a few summer Teaching Assistant (TA) positions are also available. A summer RA pays up to an estimated $9882 and a summer TA stipend pays between $1,300 and $3,000. If you negotiate RA support for the entire summer with a research group, you can receive a stipend up to $34,916 for the first year.

Through a combination of RAs, TAs, and fellowships, students in good standing are typically supported from matriculation to graduation. In recent years, all students in good standing have been fully funded.