Physics Community Organization (PCO)



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1) Mission Statement

The Physics Community Organization (PCO) aims to foster community within the physics department. PCO is run by graduate students, for graduate students, and encourages connections among students from different entrance years, research areas, and cultures. We aspire to make the UMass Amherst Physics Department a welcoming and collaborative  environment for all graduate students.

2) Members

Coordinator Coordinator (Jake Shechter): Responsible for organizing meetings of the PCO twice a semester, is the point of contact with the physics department head/staff, and interfaces with the department and advertises any department-organized events to the grad students.

Mentor Coordinator (Sarah Zuraw): Responsible for maintaining the list of available graduate student mentors and soliciting participation from new classes. This person organizes mentoring events and matches up students with an appropriate mentor if requested.

Career and Life Advice Coordinator (Salem Al-Mosleh): Responsible for maintaining a list of graduated mentors willing to talk to current students about life-after-PhD, and organizing events centered around post-PhD life.

Prospective Student Coordinator (Jeff Gertler): The point of contact between  PCO and the admissions committee, responsible for planning social events with prospective students when they visit.

Social Events Coordinator (Michelle Berry): Responsible for creating and managing social events and interfacing with the Social Media Manager to keep the calendar on the website up to date.

Swag Coordinator (Sara Feyzbakhsh): Responsible for designing and ordering the Stuff We All Get.

Money Coordinator (Sachin Shain): Responsible for creating a social events budget and managing departmental support.

Secretary/Minute Taker (Jesse Underland): Responsible for taking notes at meetings and circulating them to the graduate student body.

Social Media Manager (Jackson Burzynski): Responsible for creating and maintaining PCO-specific pages on the Physics Department website as well as a PCO Facebook group.

3) Weekly Events and Calendar

PCO holds a weekly coffee hour on Fridays at 11:00am in the WES kitchen. Bring your lunch and come enjoy a cup of free coffee or tea! 

To see a full calendar of PCO events, click here.

4) Useful Links

PCO Facebook page

Quals resources