Custodial & Grounds

UMass Transitions to Centralized Pick Up for Trash and Recycling

Facilities & Campus Services has transitioned to centralized trash and recycling pick up in all academic, administrative, athletics, and research facilities. Office occupants are responsible for taking their office trash and recycling to bins located in public spaces. Additional bin stations have been added to each floor.

View the central pick up points on your floor

Why did we make this change?

After benchmarking Custodial Services at UMass with 18 large public universities, a Centralized Office Cleaning Program emerged as a custodial best practice. Shortly after, a pilot program was implemented in three buildings including the Du Bois Library with great success. Fully implementing this program reduces the amount custodial staff are in personal work spaces to every two weeks, increases the focus on public spaces and high touch points, and has been shown to increase recycling rates and reduce overall waste. 

If you would like to request a small countertop trash bin, additional liners for your office, or for your bin to be cleaned, please email If your office is in need of immediate custodial services please call the F&CS Solutions Center at 413-545-6401. We're here to help.

Custodial & Grounds Services combines services for custodial cleaning and upkeep of academic and administrative buildings, as well as grounds management, including campus tributes (memorials, trees, gardens and more), bike loops, landscaping, recycling & waste management, and moving services.

Custodial & Ground Services

Pam Monn with VC Mangels at the 2022 Chancellor Awards.

VC Mangels and Pam Monn

Pam Monn
Associate Director of Grounds Special Projects & Events
(413) 577-3106

Custodial Services

custodial services

Chester McKay
Associate Director, Custodial Services

Responsibilities: Maintains the cleanliness and orderly appearance of all academic and administrative buildings including:

  • Hard surface and carpet maintenance
  • Vertical and horizontal surface cleaning
  • Trash and recycle removal
  • Snow removal
  • Disinfecting & restocking of restrooms
  • Replacement of luminaries
  • Special event support

The day shift primarily services the classrooms and restrooms in the 98 academic buildings serviced. The night shift primarily services the offices, labs, lounges, stairwells, entryway’s, shower/locker rooms and corridors in the same 98 buildings. Both shifts are responsible for snow removal and special event support, i.e,. Commencement & open houses.

Grounds Services

Currently Vacant
Assistant Director, Grounds Services

Grounds Services provides quality landscape and hardscape maintenance, recycling, waste collection, and equipment maintenance services consistent with responsible fiscal and environmental stewardship. Our shops support snow removal operations and provide specialized services in the following additional areas: litter control; turf and tree care; indoor and outdoor pest control; utility failure support; small equipment maintenance and repair; and road, sidewalk, and exterior masonry maintenance. Grounds Services and our subdivisions strive to integrate with academia and collaborate with other departments across campus. Accordingly, we offer opportunities for student employment and summer internships, encouraging partnership with the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, among others.

Landscape Management

Landscape Services

Landscape Management is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of the campus landscape, along with small engine repair. Operations are carried out in accordance with the highest standards expected in skilled trades and sustainable practices, such as horticulture, arboriculture, floriculture, and integrated pest management. Many of the department’s activities are reflective of the University’s dedication to sustainability; these include the cultivation, installation, and repurposing of plants grown in greenhouses and nurseries managed by the department. Such practices gained the University a landscape management and operations accreditation by the Professional Grounds Maintenance Society. Landscape Management not only inspects the work of assigned personnel and contractors but assures that work is properly estimated, scheduled, and coordinated with campus customers as part of the department’s commitment to exceptional services.

Construction Management

Construction Management supervises and coordinates all activities involved in the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of the campus hardscape. Hardscaping improvements to roads, sidewalks, plazas, exterior masonry, etc. are often accomplished by repurposing materials from previous projects to align with campus sustainability initiatives. The department also assists with utility system failures and emergencies, such as water main breaks. Consistent with overarching departmental missions, Construction Management inspects the work of assigned personnel and contractors and assures that work scheduled is properly estimated, scheduled, and coordinated with campus customers.

Waste Management

Coordinates moving services, recycling and waste collection. Learn more about waste management services at the Office of Waste Management.