Physical Activity and Health Laboratory: Discovery, Innovation and Application

Our goal is to advance and communicate new knowledge pertaining to physical activity and sedentary behavior assessment using wearable sensors. The lab focus is to develop and validate innovative methods to process and interpret physical activity and sedentary behavior data collected from wearable sensors. This work will enhance our understanding of the relationship between physical activity, sedentary behavior and health.

Our lab is funded by the NIH, Boston Children's Hospital, and the UMass President's office. Collaborators from the UMass Department of Kinesiology are Dr. Jane Kent-Braun and Dr. Barry Braun.

We adapt technologies from other fields to advance physical activity monitoring through collaborations with experts from other fields. Our partners include: Dr. John Staudenmayer and Dr. John Buonaccorsi from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr. Robert Gao from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Pat Franklin from the UMass Medical School, Dr. Charles Matthews from the National Cancer Institute at NIH, Dr. Jay Fowke from Vanderbilt University, Dr. David Bassett from the University of Tennessee, and Dr. Stavroula Osganian from the Boston Children's Hospital.