February 8, 2022

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Logica MX, a project directed by María Martínez-Ordaz in collaboration with our own Moisés Macías-Bustos, was recently awarded the Philosophy of Science Association's (PSA) Outreach and Engagement Award

The PSA Outreach and Engagement Award is awarded biennially by the Philosophy of Science Association. It recognizes a scholar or team of scholars who have led outstanding efforts to engage the general public in philosophy of science topics. Awardees may be individuals or groups and must be members of the PSA. Calls for nominations are circulated via the PSA Newsletter and posted to this website. Recipients will receive a $500 cash prize will be given the opportunity to have their work showcased by the PSA. The award will be announced at the biennial meeting.

You can view a video of the announcement, at the 2020/21 meeting of the PSA, here

Logica MX is a non-profit project that "promotes the dissemination of logic, its philosophy, and its applications, among, mostly, Spanish-speaking audiences". You can view some of the content created by their team in their YouTube channel.

Congratulations to Moisés and the rest of the Logica MX team!