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Robert Sleigh

Professor Emeritus

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Robert Sleigh majored in philosophy at Dartmouth College, graduating in 1954. He studied philosophy at Brown University, completing a Ph.D in philosophy in 1963.

He taught at Wayne State University from 1958 through 1969 and at University of Massachusetts, Amherst from 1969 through 2000. His early work concerned epistemic logic—see, for example, ‘Restricted range in epistemic logic’, The Journal of Philosophy, (1972: 67-77.) Most of his career was spent working on the philosophy of Leibniz—see, for example, Leibniz and Arnauld: A commentary on their correspondence (Yale University Press, 1990), and G.W. Leibniz, Confessio Philosophi: Papers concerning the problem of evil, 1671-1678, translated with introduction by Sleigh with contributions from Stam and Look (Yale University Press, 2005).

He remains active in Leibniz scholarship, currently preparing a new translation with commentary of Leibniz’s Theodicy with Sean Greenberg, to be published by Oxford University Press.