The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate Student Publications

Jonathan Dixon Reliable Knowledge: A Reply to Turri, Dialectica, forthcoming.
Jonathan Dixon Moral Disagreement Skepticism, Ratio, forthcoming.
David Turon Counterfactuals and Double Prevention: Trouble for the Causal Independence Thesis, Thought, forthcoming.
Cruz Davis Structural Humility, Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.
Justin Mooney How God Knows Counterfactuals of Freedom, Faith and Philosophy, forthcoming.
Patrick Grafton-Cardwell The Aesthetic Engagement Theory of Art, Ergo, forthcoming.
Elle Benjamin et al. Representation Is Never Perfect, But Are Parents Even Representatives?, The American Journal of Bioethics, forthcoming.
Patrick Grafton-Cardwell How to Understand the Completion of Art, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, forthcoming.
Patrick Grafton-Cardwell Understanding Mediated Predication in Aristotle’s Categories, Ancient Philosophy, forthcoming.
Lu Chen Infinitesimal Gunk, Journal of Philosophical Logic, forthcoming.
Justin Mooney An Episodic Account of Divine Personhood, Religious Studies, forthcoming.
Haoying Liu Of Integrated Information Theory: A Philosophical Evaluation, Philosophical Psychology, forthcoming.
Patrick Grafton-Cardwell Debugging the Case for Creationism, Philosophical Studies, forthcoming.
Justin Mooney Multilocation Without Time Travel, Erkenntnis, forthcoming.
Justin Mooney Self-Colocation: A Colocation Puzzle for Endurantists, Synthese, forthcoming.
Justin Mooney How to Solve the Problem of Evil: A Deontological Strategy, Faith and Philosophy, forthcoming.
Haoying Liu On Chalmers on the Meta-problem, Journal of Consciousness Studies, forthcoming.
Lu Chen Do simple infinitesimal parts solve Zeno’s paradox of measure?, Synthese, forthcoming.
Tim Juvshik Relativity and the Causal Efficacy of Abstract Objects, American Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming.
Justis Koon Options Must be External, Philosophical Studies, forthcoming.
Emelia Miller Liars, Tigers, and Bearers of Bad News, oh My!: Towards a Reasons Account of Defeat, Philosophical Quarterly, 2019.
Justin Mooney From a Cosmic Fine-Tuner to a Perfect Being, Analysis, 2019.
Justin Mooney Divine Intentions and the Problem of Evil, Religious Studies, 2019.
Cameron Gibbs Causal Essentialism and the Identity of Indiscernibles, Philosophical Studies, 2018.
Cameron Gibbs Basing for the Bayesian, Synthese, 2019.
Tim Juvshik Abstract Objects, Causal Efficacy, and Causal Exclusion, Erkenntnis, 2018.
Justin Mooney A New Logical Problem for the Doctrine of the Trinity, Religious Studies, 2018.
Justin Mooney Does Molinism Reconcile Freedom and Foreknowledge?, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2018.
Justin Mooney Multilocation and Parsimony, Thought (2108)
Justin Mooney The Possibility of Resurrection by Reassembly, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2018.
John Robison When and Why is it Disrespectful to Excuse an Attitude?, Philosophical Studies, 2018.
Robert Gruber Actual Utility, The Mismatch Problem, and the Move to Expected Utility, Philosophical Studies, 2017.
Justin Mooney Is the Problem of Evil a Deontological Problem?, Analysis, 2017
John Robison Skepticism about Skepticism about Moral Responsibility, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2017.
John Robison Skepticism about Skepticism about Moral Responsibility, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2017.
Tim Juvshik Review of Mozersky, M.J. Time, Language, and Ontology: The World from the B-theoretic Perspective, Dialogue, 2016.
Cameron Gibbs Review of Cotnoir and Baxter (eds.), Composition as Identity, Philosophy in Review, 2015.
Justin Mooney Best Feasible Worlds: Divine Freedom and Leibniz’s Lapse, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2015.