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One of my many fond memories of Ed is his Wittgenstein impression. As a first-year grad student at UMass, I took what I think was Ed's last Philosophy of Language course before he retired. In one of the first classes, he asked us if we wanted to see his Wittgenstein impression. He then stood in front of the classroom with arms outstretched, looking upwards with huge grin on his face, and joyfully exclaimed "I am in excruciating pain!"  

Another memory is when I reluctantly agreed to go with some sporty grad student friends to play badminton with Ed, who at the time was in his mid-70s. Before our match, I told Ed I hadn't really played before and was just learning. He assured me that was no problem. He then proceeded to annihilate me 21-0. All I remember is the blur of the shuttlecock flying by. I haven't played badminton since.