The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ed Gettier: Remembrance, by Earl Conee

by Earl Conee (Rochester) PhD '80

I got to know Ed fairly well during my time at UMass, largely at the Whitmore coffee shop, where he spent much of his weekday mornings those days (late 70s).  

My first philosophy job was at Indiana where part of the job was to help Ed’s Wayne State colleague Hector Castañeda with Noûs.  I am pretty sure that Hector told me the following about Ed’s third publication:

Ed was about to go up for tenure at Wayne State.  Hector among other colleagues there encouraged Ed to get a further publication to help them make the case for Ed’s tenure.  Hector got Ed to submit something to Critica and it was accepted.  This helped with the tenure case, or at least, Ed did get tenure.  Before the paper was published, Critica lost their copy somehow.  They asked Ed to submit another copy.  He reported that he didn’t have one.  The paper never appeared.