The University of Massachusetts Amherst



For Undergraduate students

Majoring in philosophy gives you the opportunity to think about some of the most fundamental questions we can ask about ourselves and our place in the world.  And the major provides excellent preparation for careers in academia, law, medicine, and business.  But a major in philosophy is an excellent way to acquire and develop a set of skills that will prove invaluable no matter what your chosen career: sound reasoning, analytical thinking, clarity of expression.

Majors in other subjects often find the practice in rigorous speaking and writing that comes with a Philosophy degree to be a valuable component of their education. Whatever your major of choice, we encourage you to consider taking one of our courses. Before you know it, you may find yourself doing a minor, or even a double major in Philosophy. 

We offer a wide range of courses, covering not only the core areas of philosophy, but also more specialized areas of philosophy, like medical ethics, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of mathematics, political philosophy, philosophy of gender, and philosophy of religion.  Some of these courses have no prerequisites.  Check our course descriptions and our list of current and upcoming offerings for details.

For Graduate students

As a general rule, the Department admits students only into our PhD program; however, students in our PhD Program are eligible to receive the MA when they have completed the Preliminary Requirement for the PhD.

Students in our PhD program can also obtain a Certificate in Cognitive Science.