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mRNA Manufacturing

mRNA Manufacture

Depiction integrated microfluidic platforms for mRNA manufacturing.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the potential for mRNA vaccines. However, the manufacture of these vaccines, as well as related mRNA therapeutics currently suffers from various challenges. In particular, current manufacturing methods use batch processing produce mRNA. This process utilizes RNA polymerase with a template DNA strand in solution and is run to high conversion. While DNA binds preferentially to the polymerase, at high enough concentrations it is also possible for the mRNA product to bind. When this occurs, the result is a double-stranded extension of the desired single-stranded mRNA product. This double-stranded material can then produce an undesirable immunogenic response in patients. Thus, our goal is to use microfluidic manufacturing strategies to enable the continuous production of single-stranded mRNA without double-stranded contamination.



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