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Research Articles (top)

  1. C.E. Sing, S.L. Perry, "Recent Progress in the Science of Complex Coacervation," Soft Matter, (2020), 16, 2885-2914. [PDF]
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  9. Highlighted in the UMass Amherst News: UMass Amherst Chemical Engineer Sarah L. Perry Helps Decode How Charge Patterns Instruct Polymer Chain Functions

  10. W.C. Blocher McTigue, S.L. Perry, "Design Rules for Encapsulating Proteins into Complex Coacervates," Soft Matter, (2019), 15, 3089-3103. [PDF]
  11. Correction: Soft Matter, (2019), 15, 8412-8412. [PDF]

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  17. Featured on the journal cover. Highlighted on the Biophysical Society Blog.

  18. S. Sui, Y. Wang, C. Dimitrakopoulos, S.L. Perry, "A Graphene-based Microfluidic Platform for Electro-crystallization and In Situ X-ray Diffraction," Crystals, (2018), 8(2), 76. [PDF]
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  20. Highlighted in the UMass Amherst News: "UMass Amherst Researcher Makes New Bioinspired Polymers Using Electrostatic Force"
    Highlighted in the University of Illinois News: "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted in Nanotechnology Now: "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted in Electronics 360: "Bioinspired Polymers Get Their Charge From Electrostatic Force"
    Highlighted by Nanowerk: "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted by My Science: "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted by Science Newsline: "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted by R&D: "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted by EurekAlert!: "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted by AZO Materials: "Progress Towards Controlling Self-Assembly of Artificial Materialss"
    Highlighted by "Electrostatic force takes charge in bioinspired polymers"
    Highlighted by "UMass Engineer Makes Bioinspired Polymers with Electrostatic Force"

  21. Y. Liu, B. Momani, H.H. Winter, S.L. Perry, "Rheological Characterization of Liquid-to-Solid Transitions in Bulk Polyelectrolyte Complexes," Soft Matter, (2017), 13, 7332-7340. [PDF]
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  23. Highlighted in the Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry Blog

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  26. Highlighted in: Data from University of Massachusetts Advance Knowledge in Tissue Engineering, Biotech Week, June 28th, 2017.

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  31. As of July/August 2017, this highly cited paper received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of Chemistry based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year (data from Essential Science Indicators).

  32. S. Sui, Y. Wang, K.W. Kolewe, V. Srajer, R. Henning, J.D. Schiffman, C. Dimitrakopoulos, S.L. Perry, "Graphene-Based Microfluidics for Serial Crystallography," Lab on a Chip, (2016) 16, 3082-3096. [PDF]
  33. Highlighted in the Lab on a Chip themed collection on Emerging Investigators.
    Highlighted in "Serial Crystallography Enhanced by Graphene," Chemistry World.
    Featured as a Science Highlight in the 2016 Annual Report for the Advanced Photon Source.
    Featured in an IALS/M2M research highlight.

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  42. Highlighted on the C&EN Biological and Materials News SCENE.

    Highlighted in: "Charged Polymers Package Proteins," Chemical & Engineering News, (2014) 92(45), 27.

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  47. Featured on the journal cover. Cover art by S.L. Perry, highlighted on the Biophysical Society Blog.

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  51. Featured as the inside cover article.

    Highlighted in the Lab on a Chip Top 10% web collection.

    Highlighted as a Lab on a Chip HOT article.

  52. E. Kondrashkina, D.S. Khvostichenko, S.L. Perry, J. Von Osinski, P.J.A. Kenis, K. Brister, "Using Macromolecular-Crystallography Beamline and Microfluidic Platform for Small-Angle Diffraction Studies of Lipidic Matrices for Membrane-Protein Crystallization," Journal of Physics, Conference Series, (2013) 425(1), 012013. [PDF]
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  55. Highlighted amongst the top ten most accessed online articles for Lab on a Chip for October 2010.

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  58. Highlighted in: "Finding Crystallization Sweet Spots," Chemical & Engineering News, (2009) 87(22), 27. [PDF]

Patents (top)

  1. X. Meng, S.L. Perry, J.D. Schiffman, Polymer Nanofibers from Electrospinning of Complex Coacervates, and Compositions and Methods Thereof, US Patent Number 10,428,444 B2, October 1, 2019. [PDF]
  2. P.J.A. Kenis, J.D. Tice, S.L. Perry, G.W. Roberts, Microfluidic Device for Preparing Mixtures, US Patent Number 7,976,789 B2, July 12, 2011. [PDF]

Additional Contributions (top)

  1. S. Guha, S.L. Perry, A.S. Pawate, S.K. Nair, P.J.A. Kenis, "X-ray Compatible Microfluidic Platforms for Screening, Crystallization and De Novo Structure Determination of Proteins," Proceedings µTAS, (2011) 876-878. [PDF]
  2. D.S. Khvostichenko, S.L. Perry, E. Kondrashkina, S. Guha, K. Brister, P.J.A. Kenis, "Microfluidic Platforms for On-Chip Formulation and Small-Angle X-ray Analysis of the Phase Behavior of Lipid/Water Mixtures," Proceedings µTAS, (2011) 1403-1405. [PDF]
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