Perry Research Group

Current Members

Principal Investigator

Prof. Sarah Perry

Prof. Sarah Perry (she/her)

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Priyanka

Dr. Priyanka (she/her)

Complex coacervation strategies to saften fungicides.

Dr. Mingjun Zhou

Dr. Mingjun Zhou (he/him)

Particle-polymer complex coacervates.

Graduate Students

Nicholas Bryant

Nicholas Bryant (he/him)

Complex coacervates for films and coatings.

Zoey Meng

Xiangxi “Zoey” Meng (she/her)

Developing methods for encapsulating antimicrobial and catalytic molecules into thin films and nanofibers of polyelectrolyte complex-based materials.

Sarthak Saha

Sarthak Saha (he/him)

Microfluidic platforms for high-throughput protein crystallization and drug discovery.

Yimin Sun

Yimin Sun (she/her)

Developing coacervate-inspired cryptic materials.

Zoey Meng

Xianci Zeng (she/her)

Studying sequence effects in complex coacervation with a goal of encapsulating and stabilizing biologic materials.

Research Assistants

Ali Ahmad Jallow

Ali Ahmad Jallow (he/him)

Cargo uptake into polyelectrolyte complexes.

Josh McGee

Josh McGee (he/him)

Design and fabrication of X-ray compatible microfluidic devices.

Kat Nilov

Kat Nilov (she/her)

Developing educational content highlighting the diversity in Chemical Engineering.

Alistaire Rauch

Alistaire Rauch (he/him)

Microfluidics to study protein folding diseases.

Jonathan Selway

Jonathan Selway (he/him)

Protein structure determination.

Hansen Tjo

Hansen Tjo (he/him)

Characterizing coacervation in ternary macro-ion systems.