Perry Research Group
Júlia Bonesso Sabadini

Júlia Bonesso Sabadini (she/her)

Visiting Scholar

Biographical Statement

Júlia is a Chemistry PhD student from the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil working with Prof. Watson Loh. She spent a year in Amherst collaborating in person on a project to study the incorporation of proteins into complex coacervate-core micelles as compared with bulk materials. Since February 2023 she has returned to Brazil where she will continue working on our collaborative research.

Honors and Awards

2022 FAPESP Scholarship for International Study


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  2. J. Bonesso Sabadini, C.L.P. Oliveira, W. Loh, "Assessing the Structure and Equilibrium Conditions of Complex Coacervate Core Micelles by Varying Their Shell Composition and Medium Ionic Strength," Langmuir, (2024) (in press). [PDF]
  3. C.G. Otoni, M.V.A. Queirós, J. Bonesso Sabadini, O.J. Rojas, W. Loh, "Charge Matters: Electrostatic Complexation As a Green Approach to Assemble Advanced Functional Materials," ACS Omega, (2020), 5(3), 1296-1304. [PDF]