Perry Research Group

Group Meeting Calendar

Group meetings are Fridays from 4:00-5:30 via Zoom unless otherwise noted.
Date Research Safety Diversity
July 31st No Group Meeting
August 6th Zoey's Practice Talk (4pm, Joint with Schiffman Lab)
August 7th Zoey, Yimin Nick Sarah
August 14th Xianci - Practice Qualifier Talk Josh Zoey
August 21st Mingjun, Sarah Hansen Yimin
August 28th Nick, Hansen Sarthak Xianci
September 4th Sarthak, Josh Sarah Mingjun
September 11th Zoey, Yimin Mingjun Nick
September 18th Xianci, Mingjun Yimin Josh
September 25th Sarah and Charles Practice Talk
September 28th 3:30pm - Sarah and Charles Practice Talk
October 2nd Hansen, Nick Xianci Sarthak
October 9th Kat, Sarthak Zoey Sarah
October 16th Zoey, Hansen Nick Hansen
October 23rd Yimin, Mingjun Josh Mingjun
October 30th Xianci, Hansen Sarthak Yimin
November 5th 4:00pm - Zoey's Practice Defense
November 6th Nick, Sarah Hansen Xianci
November 10th 9:30am - Zoey's PhD Defense
November 13th Sarthak, Josh Sarah Zoey
November 20th Zoey, Yimin Mingjun Nick
December 4th Priyanka, Mingjun Yimin Josh