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Guide to Policy Messaging

    PEP Presentation
    Packing Messages for Policymakers: Presentation by Lisa M. Troy, PhD

    How to Reach Representatives

    National Priorities Project: Guide to Contacting Your Representative  

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    Tips from PEP Policy Panel

    • Think about your areas of expertise: in what areas are you an authority?
    • Recognize that most legislators start their policy work in town governments; one way to form relationships and build your network is to connect with legislators at the local level.
    • Prepare press releases for your work (see "writing for non-academic audiences" panel).
    • Check on the standing committees in your state legislature; see if any of your areas of expertise match these committees’ current interests.
    • Note that the bills that are assigned to each committee are listed on the state legislature’s website: check to see whether you have policy-research match.