Past Events & Seminars

October 18, 2013

Congressman Jim McGovern
Congressman Jim McGovern
April 11, 2013

Evidence from Post-Conflict Interventions in Burundi and the DR Congo

Alain Lempereur
Alain Lempereur
April 4, 2013

The challenge of integrating conflict resolution and human rights

Dr. Eileen Babbitt
Eileen Babbitt
March 11, 2013

Simple Question, Complex Answers

Dr. Brian K. Barber
Brian K. Barber
February 28, 2013

A practical reflection on peace, justice and reconciliation in the wake of violent conflict…and how we know if we are succeeding

Graeme Simpson
Graeme Simpson
December 6, 2012

Theorizing legal issues and political change in non-Western contexts

Dr. David Mednicoff
David Mednicoff
February 23, 2012

Human Rights Movements and Demand for Truth and Justice in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

Dr. Cora Fernandez Anderson
Cora Fernandez Anderson