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Linda Tropp quoted in the February 13, 2013 BBC News magazine on "Why do people keep lists of enemies?".

The National Rifle Association has published an index of its opponents. What's the point of itemising your foes?

Britney Spears is on there. So, too, was Barry Manilow, the makers of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and R&B crooners Boyz II Men.

There's also George Clooney, the Kansas City Royals baseball team, Chaka Khan, Hallmark greeting cards and the American Nurses Association.

This rather disparate group might not appear, at first glance, to have much in common.

Linda Tropp edits The Oxford Handbook of Intergroup Conflict

The Oxford Handbook of Intergroup Conflict

Social psychologists and peace scholars have both contributed a great deal of knowledge of the factors that enhance or inhibit conflict and the likely effectiveness of practices and interventions that address such conflict. However, contributions from these scholarly communities have grown apart and lack the integration that helped to create the interdisciplinary investigations of early peace research. This Handbook brings these perspectives together to encourage a more integrative approach to the study of intergroup conflict and peace.

Dr. Linda Tropp is quoted in article on the Trayvon Martin case

Trayvon Martin case protest

Dr. Linda Tropp is quoted in The Tampa Bay Times article, April 01, 2012, 'Trayvon Martin case highlights need to talk about race issues before someone gets killed'. Dr. Tropp talks about her studies looking into how people talk across groups in an article that quotes many people discussing aspects of race in relation to this case.

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