Brooke Burrows

Brooke Burrows received her BA as a double major in Psychology and Human Rights from Columbia University in 2015 and was awarded the Myra Kraft Prize for
Superior Academic Achievement in the Study of Human Rights. In addition, as a Kenneth Cole Community Engagement Fellow, Brooke worked with the Fortune Society to address the issue of food insecurity for formerly incarcerated individuals in New York City. Brooke pursued research projects in Dharamsala, India evaluating how human rights rhetoric has influenced members of the Tibetan Exile Community in both their personal and political ambitions as well as in Southern Louisiana working with the Biloxi-Chitimacha Tribal Council for the creation of a needs assessment to address climate change-based migration.
Brooke's current research interests include international justice mechanisms, reconciliation processes, how the human rights framework impacts conflict resolution, and understanding conflict as a source of meaning across varying cultures. As a previous Peace Corps Armenia Community Development Volunteer and an AmeriCorps Project Conserve Member in Western North Carolina, Brooke is invested in the application of research to better understand and address the needs of vulnerable communities facing an increasingly connected but also resource-stressed world.