Research Assistantships

Below are the research assistantships available in our department.
Feel free to email the contact individual for that lab.
Please check back as new opportunities are listed on a continuing basis.

Contact: Professor Kyle Cave ,

You will help us in writing computer programs. One project is for producing code to control our experiments in visual perception, attention, and eye movements. Another project is for producing code to organize the data from our eyetracking experiments and analyzing the results.

Pre-requisites: experience with computer programming
Times you must be available: Flexible
Hours per week: Flexible
Credits: Flexible
Contact: Professor Andrew Cohen ,

The main focus of the lab is decision-making: how are human decisions influenced by a variety of factors such as emotion, culture, stimulus format, delay, personality, sleep, and interruptions.

We use data from behavioral experiments, eye tracking, and other physiological measures.  Computational models are used to inform analysis.

Minimal requirement are: participating in 1 lab meeting a week (1-1.5 hrs), presenting research or research articles once a semester, recruiting participants, running experiments, and coding data.

Prerequisites :: Juniors and Seniors: Psych 240 (at least a B+) and Psych 241.
Freshmen and Sophomores welcome to apply without 240 and 241.


Pre-requisites: See Above
Times you must be available: Lab meeting will be held Thursdays 3:40-5.
Hours per week: 3-6 hours/week
Credits: 1-3 credits