Craigs Doors Internship


Craig's Doors


Amherst MA


Brianna Forte, Intern Coordinator/Assistant Manager

Date Posted: 

January 8, 2020


Craig's Doors emergency winter shelter provides warmth and safety to about 200 individuals from November 1st- May 1st. As a behavior based shelter, Craig's Doors does not discriminate against those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, and ensures that everyone is treated with the same degree of respect and compassion no matter their background. So long as guests are behaving in a manner that respects the safety of themselves and others, everyone is able to find a home within the shelter doors. 

As an intern, you are able to gain experience in working with at risk populations and help foster a welcoming environment for everyone who walks through our doors. Interns are able to take on many roles, where we are currently searching for those to assist in the following activities: 

- Opening operations 

- Case management

- Overnight operations

- Administrative work 

- Marketing/ Fundraising 


If you are interested in working with us next semester as an intern please visit our website ( and fill out the inquiry form. You can also contact the following staff as well after completing the form to indicate your interest: 

Allsion Duddleston, Lead Shelter Manager (

Brianna Forte, Intern Coordinator/Assistant Manager (