Remote Advising for Psychological and Brain Sciences

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We want you to know we are here to support your needs during this challenging and unprecedented time.  We are now offering remote advising services for the remainder of the semester; we will no longer offer in-person or drop-in advising.  

This site contains IMPORTANT UPDATES, instructions for REMOTE ADVISING and ADVISING FAQs.



Where can I learn about the UMass response to Coronavirus? 

  • Visit the webpage dedicated to the UMass Coronavirus response to access up-to-date announcements and information about travel, University Health Services, and student resources (facilities, Housing, Dining, CCPH, and Assistive Technology. ​​ 

Commencement and Celebrations 

  • Sadly, the University Commencement and all scheduled weekend celebrations have been postponed; a new date has yet to be announced. To receive additional updates regarding commencement activities please visit the UMass commencement site

Preregistration Changes

  • Preregistration dates have been changed for summer and fall 2020 to ensure that students have enough time to receive remote advising.​
  • Please be sure to visit your student center page in SPIRE and check your preregistration day (click details for the time of day)
  • Remember you can add classes to your shopping cart prior to your registration period. 
  • To enroll in summer classes (additional fees apply), you must request an enrollment period through SPIRE in your main menu. 
  • We highly recommend that you review your Academic Requirements Report (ARR in your SPIRE student center page drop down menu) to help you determine which courses you need.  
  • Visit the registrar for more details regarding this change.  

Deadline for Pass/Fail and Withdrawal Extended

  • To alleviate some of the stress associated with the conversion to remote learning, the University has extended some deadlines
  • These changes will be available in SPIRE starting March 30
  • Students will be allowed to elect a pass/fail for ANY course until Wednesday April 29
  • Student will also be allowed to withdraw from a course with a "W" until Wednesday April 29
  • Find more information here:




How can I reach an advisor during the UMass Campus Closure? 
We are offering remote advising for the remainder of the semester.  

  • Have a quick question?  Why wait, check out our FAQ's below for easy and immediate answers.  
  • Still have a quick question? Reach us through email at
    Advisors will be responding to email daily.  
  • Want to connect with an advisor for a brief discussion?  You can make a 15-minute remote appointment through Navigate. 
    Advisors will be available Monday through Friday to support you, answer your questions, and get you the help you need! 
    Appointments will be offered by phone or Zoom
    Phone Meetings:  When you schedule an appointment, your advisor will post instructions for how to connect.  
    ZOOM Meetings:  To prepare for your meeting, please make sure to go to this site and download zoom:
    You will not be able to join without downloading Zoom from UMass. 
  • Appointments are now available through Navigate; See below for instructions on how to use Navigate.

How can I declare the major remotely? 

  • You can schedule an appointment for remote declaration of the major.  Make sure to have your SPIRE ID available.  
  • When you connect with an advisor, you will complete the declaration of the major form, you download a copy here.
  • Appointments are now available through Navigate; See below for instructions on how to use Navigate.

How do I sign into the Neuroscience-track remotely?

  • Please review the neuroscience track requirements before contacting a neuroscience advisor.  ​
  • You must have a 3.0 GPA at UMass prior to declaring the neuroscience track. 
  • Appointments are now available through Navigate; See below for instructions on how to use Navigate.

How do I declare the minor remotely?

  • You can download the minor form and submit it via email when you are enrolled in your final minor course. 
  • Review the requirements, download the form, and review the instructions before contacting advisor. 


For Existing Psychology Majors

  • Go to Navigate: 
  • Login using your NetID & Password 
  • Select "Advising"
  • Select "See a Psych & Brain Sciences Advisor" 
  • Select one option: 1. "Psych – General Advising"  2. "Psych – Neuroscience Track Advising"  3. "Psych – Declare Neuroscience Track" 
  • Select the location: "Psych & Brain Sciences"  (select this option even though the meeting will be remote)
  • Select your date and time; meetings are 15 minutes  
  • REMINDERS: You must schedule at least 24 hours in advance and you can schedule up to 28 days into the future.
  • Download instructions for majors here.

For Students Seeking to Declare the Psychology Major and Students Seeking to Declare the Neuroscience Track

  • Go to Navigate:
  • Login using your NetID & Password 
  • Select "Advising"
  • Select "Explore how to Declare or Change my Major"
  • Select one option:  1. "Psych – Declare General Psychology Major"  2. "Psych – Declare Neuroscience Track"
  • Select your date and time; meetings are 15 minutes 
  • Select the location: "Psych & Brain Sciences"  (select this option even though the meeting will be remote)
  • REMINDERS: You must schedule at least 24 hours in advance and you can schedule up to 28 days into the future.
  • Download instructions for non-majors here. 




If you have a quick question, scroll through the information below, chances are we have provided the information you need. 
If you can't find the answer, send an email to the advising inbox (posted below). We will be answering emails daily.  


Who is my advisor? 

Because the psychology major is so big, we don’t assign specific advisors to students.You can receive help from ANY of our faculty/staff/ advisors.


Which classes should I take next semester?  

We recommend reviewing your Academic Requirements Report (ARR in your student center drop down menu in SPIRE) to identify which requirements you have remaining before you begin selecting classes.  The ARR is personalized for you, so it will show you which course you have already taken, which courses you are currently enrolled in and which requirements you have yet to fulfill. 

We also encourage you to place courses in your shopping cart before your preregistration date.  Courses are now available through SPIRE so you can begin reviewing your options now. Once your preregistration day and time open (these can be found in the lower right side of your student center) you can enroll in your desired courses right from your shopping cart. 

We also provide a list of general education requirements recommended by our peer advisors. You can find this list here.


Where can I find the Psychology Requirements, Honors, Neuroscience, and Specialized Programs

What are the different degrees/tracks (BA/BS/BS-Neuro) I can pursue in psychology?  What are the requirements for Dual Degree?  

What about a minor in psychology?  

Can I get a checklist for my major requirements?

How can I learn about Departmental HONORS?

How can I learn about specialized programs in psychology?


Who do I contact about Honors, Neuroscience Track, Developmental Disabilities and Human Services or Clinical?

Departmental Honors Advisors:               
Please see the departmental honors web pages for information and hours of availability before seeking honors advising.                 

  • Dr. Erik Cheries, email
  • Joonkoo Park, email
  • Mariana Pereira, email
  • Dr. Rebecca Spencer, email
  • Dr. Jeff Starns, email
  • Dr. Lori Astheimer, email

Neuroscience Track Advisors
Please review the neuroscience track requirements before contacting an advisor.
Dr. Lori Astheimer:       email
Dr. Matt Davidson:       email

Developmental Disabilities and Human Services
Please review the DDHS webpage before contacting an advisor.
Dr. Ashley Woodman    email

Clinical Psychology Advisor
Dr. Carolyn Davies       email 



Where can I find a list of psychology courses?  What about 5-College courses?  What about online courses?

I want to do a teaching assistantship/research assistantship/independent study.  How do I learn about these?

Can I work off campus and earn credit through an internship?

  • We encourage students to earn credit through internships.  Review our webpage for details and a list of potential sites.  ​   
  • Have questions about the process?  Contact one of our PBS internship liasons.  
    Dr. Erik Cheries           email
    Dr. Carolyn Davies      email

Are there special programs I can receive credit for?

  • Apply to be a Peer Advisor: Are you interested in helping other students navigate the requirements and opportunities of the Psychology major?  Peer advisors earn one credit spending 3 hours/week advising our majors on course selection, graduation requirements, SPIRE issues, and opportunities in the department.  If you are interested in this great opportunity for Fall 2020, please apply by April 3, click here to apply
  • Apply to join our SPACE Peer mentoring Program: Mentors and Mentees earn 1-credit and spend 3 hours/week on mentoring activities including library scavenger hunts, campus selfie challenges, exploring campus research opportunities, student clubs and more!  Learn more at  OR click here to apply.   Please apply by April 3. 

I am going to study abroad and need courses approved and my ICAF signed.

Are there clubs/organizations in psychology I can join?

Do you hold workshops on student success, careers and graduate school, getting internships, study abroad, how to succeed in the major;  Does CNS hold workshops?

  • We typically run workshops every semester on a variety of topics, but this semester we have altered the format to be accessible remotely.  We will be posting and sharing slides and information through this link instead of offering in-person workshops.  

Does the Department offer scholarships?  Does the College of Natural Sciences?  UMASS?  How do I apply?



I am almost done with my major requirements, what courses should I take? 

  • Remember the major requirements are the minimum requirements.  You can always take additional courses in your area of interest, engage in research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and internships in the department.  
  • You can also consider a double major, minor, or certificate programs (Ex: Medical Humanities, Media Literacy, Social Work and Welfare; Criminal Justice; Civic Engagement and Public Service, and more!).   
  • You can find a list of the UMass programs online



What about jobs, graduate school, and workshops to help me get jobs and go to graduate school?

Where can I look for professional organizations in psychology, post-degree career and school opportunities, and advice from PBS alumni?

Where can I learn about commencement activities?  Sadly, commencement for spring 2020 has been postponed. For updates please visit the UMass Commencement site. 


The Registrar’s Office:   

  • General registration and registration period
  • Add-drop
  • Course and university withdrawal
  • Transcripts: official and unofficial
  • Transfer courses and prior approval
  • General education requirements
  • Graduation requirements and diplomas
  • Readmission to the University
  • Course schedules
  • Dual degrees


College of Natural Sciences Advising (CNS):

  • College level requirements: BA foreign language requirement and BS 60 credits withing the college
  • Academic probation, suspension and withdrawal
  • Forms: credit overload petition, late withdrawal petition, late P/F petition, course repeat petition academic plans, academic discipline, incompletes
  • Career advising and pre-med advising






Center for Counselling and Psychological Health
Center for Women and Community

CNS Career Center

UMass Career Services

International Programs Office


Still have a quick question? Reach us easily through email at