How/when do I DECLARE the Major? What do I need to bring with me? How do I sign into the Neurocience-track?

Visit this link for information on delcaring either general psychology or the neuroscience track

Declaring the Major

You must come to the Psychology Advising Center in Tobin 501 during specific hours designated to sign in to the major; please see the hours posted on the link above. Please bring the following items with you:

  • Transcript. Please bring a copy of your transcript and your academic requirements report (ARR) and highlight all psychology courses on your transcript.
  • When you meet with an advisor, you will complete the declaration of major form.

Please do not wait until your registration period for an upcoming semester to declare your major; classes fill quickly and you will not be allowed to register until your major is officially changed.

We offer specific hours to declare the psychology major every semester, please check our site for up to date hours.  

Declaring the Neuroscience Track

If you would like to join the Neuroscience track, in addition to declaring the BS in Psych as your major, you must sign in with one of the Neuroscience advisors (and you must have a 3.0 GPA). You can find their hours here.

Students can't declare until they have an established GPA of 3.0 or above at UMass.  Freshman and transfer students must have one semester at UMass before they can declare. 

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