Interface showing alerts for UAV demo flight

Developed through NSF funding, CityWarn is a next-generation, context-aware warning and prediction platform that links high-resolution data to warning, response, and impact.  In current practice, weather warning systems primarily push the same data to all users, and it is up to the user to derive value from the data. In contrast, CityWarn creates personalized warnings based on linking the changing contexts and needs of the individual/object being warned and the dynamics of the evolving weather hazard.  Alerts are communicated through a specialized app, emails, SMS messages, or APIs for industry.   Currently, CityWarn operates in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, sending targeted personalized warnings to over 3,000 people and emergency managers through the CASA Alerts App.  It is also being used to provide targeted weather alerts for the emerging UAV industry through projects with Bell Textron and the NASA National Campaign for Advanced Air Mobility