Survey Results

What would you like to do when you visit UMass this fall for Family Weekend?
Grab a meal in the four Dining Commons 61
Hang out on campus 55
Participate in as many Family Weekend activities as possible 48
Attend the Football game 45
Grab a meal in the local area 35
Explore the surrounding areas with my student 35
Run errands with my student 18
Socialize/reunite with other families 13

Previous Questions and Results


How likely do you think your student will live at home, at least for a while, after graduation?


I'm sure of it 19
Very likely 20
Somewhat likely 10
Rather unlikely 7
Not a chance 2


How much influence do you believe, as a parent/family member, you should have on your student's career choice?


A lot 6
Some 23
A little 26
Very little 29
None 10


What does your student primarily do for self-care?


Cook 12
Exercise 39
Meditate 4
Play video games 21
Read for fun 12
Spend time online with friends 21
Work on a hobby/passion 11
Other 11

For what life skill does your student currently need the most guidance?

Career guidance 24
Financial management 11
Health and wellness 8
Organization skills/time management 10
Relationship/social skills 5
Other 1

Which of these steps has your student taken to get involved?

Attended a meeting of a campus club, organization, or student government group. 46
Worked on a campus committee, student organization, or project (publications, student government, special event, etc.). 12
Worked on an off-campus committee, organization, or project (civic group, church group, community event, etc.) 3
Met with a faculty member or staff advisor to discuss the activities of a group or organization. 14
Managed or provided leadership for a club or organization, on or off campus. 9
None of the above 1

On what topic(s) has your student most requested your assistance or advice?

Health/safety 33
Finances 42
Academics 52
Housing 43
Campus or community involvement opportunities 7
Career planning 41
Personal relationships 32
None of them 9