Student Responsibilities

We want our students to become engaged and active members of our campus community and beyond. While they are here studying, growing, and developing as students, they may also be called on by the greater community to fulfill a number of civic duties, some of them for the first time.

Code of Student Conduct | Jury Duty | Voter Registration

Code of Student Conduct

As a member of our campus community your student is expected to follow a number of campus policies. Encourage your student to review these policies so that they are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Policy information and a copy of the Code of Student Conduct is emailed to all students at the start of each semester.

Jury Duty

Because they live in the Amherst area for more than half the year, students may be called for local jury duty. While deferments are available, the university encourages students to participate in this civic responsibility if possible. Information regarding class absences for jury duty can be found here.

Voter Registration

Students age 18 and over are encouraged to register to vote and cast their ballots in all state, local, and national elections. Since college students tend to move often, they should check their voter registration information regularly and update as needed.