4 Reasons To Go To Oxford

  1. Incredible classes with excellent faculty

  2. Unique Oxford University Student Experience
    • Balcony Dinner guests taking the traditional Fellows Garden photo

    • The 2019 Closing High Table Dinner

    • 2019 Seminar students enjoying an outdoor Sunday BBQ

  3. Free field trips included for all Seminar students
    • 2019 Seminar students on a field trip to visit the Roman Baths

    • 2018 Seminar Students attending a Street Art Tour in London

    • 2019 Seminar students visiting Stonehenge

  4. Travel Across Europe
    • 2019 Seminar students traveling in Budapest

    • 2019 Seminar students taking a trip to Amsterdam

    • 2017 Seminar student handstanding in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

    • 2016 Seminar students having a pint in Ireland.