Get the Oxford Experience

  • Study alongside world-class scholars with Oxford's Tutorial system

    2017 students exploring the city during Oxford: The City as a Work of Art with tutor Beverley Lyle

  • Enjoy Oxford's many beautiful gardens and grounds

    Balcony Dinner guests taking the traditional Fellows' Garden photo

  • Experience unique Oxford University traditions such as High Table Dinner and more

    2019 Closing High Table Dinner

  • Attend field trips and see more of what England has to offer

    Students visiting Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

  • Travel Across Europe and the UK

    2016 Seminar students having a pint in Ireland

  • Make friends to last a lifetime

    2019 Seminar students socializing at the Sunday evening BBQ

The UMass Oxford Summer Seminar is a six week Study Abroad Program at Keble College (part of Oxford University) in Oxford, England. Students take two 4-credit honors level classes and have the opportunity to take a 2-credit British Studies Colloquium. The seminar offers classes in English, History, Political Science, Art History, Psychology, Law, Economics, and Marketing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Student Life
Health and Safety Abroad


Q: Who can attend the Oxford Summer Seminar?
A: The Oxford Summer Seminar is open to all 5-College students (UMass Amherst, Smith College, Amherst College, Hampshire College, and Mount Holyoke College) as well as to UMass Boston students. Undergrads, Graduate students and PhD candidates are welcome to apply. In total, our program usually has 40-50 students!

Q: What materials do I need to apply?
A: Students must complete and submit the following items to be considered for faculty acceptence:

- The Oxford Summer Seminar Application Essay and Questionaire
- An Unofficial Transcript
- A Letter of Recommendation
- The Program Deposit

Please visit our Apply page for more info!

Q: Will there be Keble College students on campus during the Seminar?
A: No, as this is a summer program, most of Oxford’s students will be home until term starts in the fall. However, the UMass Oxford Summer Seminar isn't the only American study abroad program in Oxford during the summer: the University of Georgia, St. Bonaventure University, Georgetown University, University of Alabama, Duke University, Harvard University, and many others have their own Oxford Summer Seminars.

Student Life

Q: Where will I be living while on the program?
A: Students live, eat, and attend class at Keble College. Keble is one of 39 unique college campuses that make up Oxford University.

Q: Will I be able to cook for myself at Keble College?
A: No. Cooking is not permitted in student rooms at Keble College. However, each room does come equipped with a mini fridge which students are welcome to use to store beverages or prepared meals. Students are also welcome to dine out at any of Oxford’s local restaurants and pubs!

The program fee includes a 12 meal per week meal plan for every student.
That breaks down to:
Breakfast - 7 days a week
Dinner - Sunday-Thursday (Tuesday is a Formal High Table Dinner)
*Food allergies or other dietary restrictions can be accommodated by the Keble dining staff*

Q: What is a High Table Dinner?
A: High Table is one of Oxford's oldest traditions. On Tuesday nights, students dress in formal attire and are served a three-course meal and participate in sparkling conversation with their Oxford Tutors.

Q: What can I do for fun while at Oxford?
A: In Oxford, students can explore world-class museums, punt on the Thames River, explore the historical sties, and enjoy the terrific pub culture.


Q: How much does it cost to attend the UMass Oxford Summer Seminar?
A: The program fee for the 2023 Oxford Summer Seminar is estimated to be between $8,585 - $9,300. These costs are estimated based on enrollment. Please visit our Fees page to learn more.

Q: Is there financial aid available for the program?
A: Yes. For UMass Amherst students, a financial aid package will be prepared for you just as it would be for a regular semester. The program can also be funded through the several scholarships that are offered by both the program and through other internal university funding. Please visit our Aid page to learn more.

For non-UMass students, there is also funding available! Please visit our Aid page to learn more about funds offered and be sure to check with your own institution for more info about their financial aid opportunities for international study.

Health and Safety Abroad

Q: What sorts of resources will I have access to abroad?
A: The UMass Oxford Summer Seminar is committed to the health and safety of its students while studying abroad.
The United Kingdom and the city of Oxford pose minimal to no threat for travelers and international students.

However, Seminar students still receive support offered by the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the following ways:
- Pre-travel clinical health assessment at the University Health Services Office
- Mental Health support and consultation
- Emergency Travel Insurance
To learn more, please read our Health and Safety Abroad program.

Still have Questions?

Reach out to one of our staff members and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!